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Gunboat Information
Rubinelle Lazurian/IDS
DoRGunboat.png DoRGunboatAlt.png
A unit that can carry 1 foot soldier
and attack other naval units.
Anti-Ship Missiles N/A
Cost 6,000 Inftry Hyphen.png
Gas 99 Veh Hyphen.png
Ammo 1 Air Hyphen.png
Mobility 7 Heli Hyphen.png
Vision 2 Ship ArrowBad.png
Range 1 Sub ArrowBad.png
IconMovement.pngMovement Trpt IconCombat.pngCombat Ship
Abilities • Drop
 IconRedWarning.png IconBomber.pngIconSubmarine.pngIconSeaplane.pngIconRockets.pngIconArtillery.pngIconBattleship.png
 IconYellowWarning.png IconBCopter.pngIconCruiser.pngIconGunboat.png

Gunboats(Days of Ruin) or Missile Boats(Dark Conflict) or ミサイル艇(失われた光) are a kind of Naval Unit. They only appear in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. They can transport one Mech or Infantry. They are very vulnerable to most other Naval Units.

Gunboats are initially introduced in A Storm Brews, and become buildable in Greyfield Strikes.


Gunboats can only fire once before they need to reload. However, they can carry 1 Infantry or Mech unit with a movement rate of 7, which is one higher than a Lander.


When Using Gunboats

They have a mobility of 7, making them very effective to use to load and unload infantry. If the sea is very open and has a lot of beach or ports near a bunch of cities, Gunboats will get the job done very fast for capturing.

When using them it is a good idea to keep a Rig near, so that they can be refueled and rearmed once they've used their one attack, allowing them to attack again. Temp Port builds should also work wonders temporarily.

Gunboats are very useful as escorts to Cruisers while hunting enemy submarines. They can use their excellent mobility in hopes of running into the submarine, exposing it so that the Cruiser can destroy it. You can use them as temporary meat-shields, but don't overdo it because they aren't dirt-cheap like Infantry.

For as cheap as Gunboats are, their firepower is still nothing to laugh at. These can evenly match up against Cruisers in case you don't have the more expensive Battleships at handy. Use this to your advantage.

When Facing Gunboats

A gunboat in Advance Wars : Days Of Ruin

Gunboats have one of the most fragile defenses in the game that even an Artillery can destroy it in one hit. Cruisers and gunboats cannot destroy them in one hit, making for good matchups. A Submarine, especially a submerged one, is a great choice, as are any capable air units like Battle Copters or Seaplanes. Another tactic is surrounding Gunboats after they have fired their volley and blockading them from returning to resupply or repair; delaying them for a turn can significantly cripple the rest of an enemies' offensive move.

Be forewarned: Most players take gunboats in large groups. Having your more expensive units taking damage from Gunboats can mean defeat. Always prepare hiding spots for units, other gunboats and submarines to counter.