Greyfield Strikes is the 13 mission in Advance Wars Days of Ruin. This mission focuses more on naval combat and using naval units to support ground units. It also introduces the Aircraft Carrier and Seaplane units.

Greyfield Strikes
Mission Info
Term(s) Wipe out all enemy units or capture HQ
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Brenner
12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 Greyfield
New Rubinelle Army, Ally
CO 3 Gage
Lazurian Army, Enemy


Greyfield has had enough of the 12th Battalion running rampant and not following his direct commands. He sends a token force to the coast where Brenners Wolves are to show his authority and relay orders to the 12th Battalion and if those orders are not met they will be executed, including the enlisted men who delivered the order. Shortly after the battle Isabella is met by a civilian who recognizes her and informs her she has/had a family. Specifically two sisters and a brother. However the civilian also informs her that strange things happened when they appeared that strange things happened like men disappearing at a single slight or weapons exploding in her presence. The civilian leaves leaving Isabella totally dumb struck.


The mission opens with having a few ground units and naval units, though Greyfield only sent two Gunboats and a Rig on the central island. The CO opposing you is Gage, however do not worry as this mission does not have CO abilities and bars active. Use your Landers and Gunboats to transport your Infantry and a Rig to the center island and secure it as quickly as you can. This will give you another factory and port in which to make units. You also have a carrier so start making it produce seaplanes, but don’t launch any of them until you have dealt with the Missile units with your Battleship.

During Day 3 of the battle Greyfield will be asking about what your strongest units are and begin ordering them to not move on the next day. This can either be pointless or frustrating as you will be unable to produce any unit whatsoever for a day on a factory or port if you produce a unit that he orders to not move on the next day.

Ignore the western part of the map as trying to stop Gage's naval units is only going to hurt you in the long run. Instead use carriers, battle ships and sea planes to harass the eastern side of the map where the main HQ is for the Lazurians. Use landers to land at the north beach with Medium Tanks and Bikes and quickly surround the HQ before capturing it, giving you a easy win. However Gage will try to harass you from the west with land units, send submarines and cruisers to intercept any battleships, cruisers, gunboats or carriers that might try to stop you and use Medium tanks to intercept land units that Gage deploys from his factory.

Greyfield should not be relied upon. He has only sent two gunboats and a rig and cannot heal said gunboats as he has no funds. Leave those ships to do their own thing and don’t bother trying to plan around them. It will only waste time and resources to support him.


  • This mission is where the Carrier and Seaplane make their debut.
  • This is the only mission in which Greyfield is an ally.
  • At the end of the level, it is revealed Isabella has a family: two sisters and a brother. This is referencing Penny, Tabitha, and Cyrus.
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