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Greyfield transparent
Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Naval Units, Copters, and Seaplanes
Affiliation New Rubinelle Army, Rubinelle (Formerly)
CO power Supply Chain
CO Zone 3
Hits Power
Misses Insubordinates

Admiral Greyfield (Sigismundo in the European version of the game) is a CO and leader of the New Rubinelle Army.

Greyfield is first mentioned by Waylon after clearing level seven. He then appears as an ally during the campaign against Lazuria, afterwards he orders a super weapon to be fired at Brenner's hiding spot after he frees the Lazurian prisoners. After a campaign against him, he is shot by Lin, ending his hunger for power. Greyfield (when alive) referred to himself as King Greyfield the Mighty.

Before his death, it is implied by Lin that he suffers from a superiority complex, which stems from poor academic prospects.


His CO zone boosts all naval units, seaplanes and copters by +10 attack and +40 defence.

As his rank implies, he excels with naval units. He boosts their attack somewhat, but boosts their defence even more. His power resupplies all of his units, giving them fuel, ammo, and building materials.


  • Greyfield is the only commander in Days of Ruin to hold a Naval Rank (Admiral).
    Greyfield's Theme

    Greyfield's Theme

    Madman's Reign

  • Greyfield is also the subject of the image macro "Advice Greyfield" which feature spin-offs of Greyfield's "I'll have you hanged for treason" Quote.
  • Greyfield's COP is the only means of restoring material to APCs and Carriers in the game.
  • Greyfield's eyes do have pupils they are just very very small and only really visible in the CO section of the Days of Ruin Strategy Guide.
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