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Greyfield transparent.png
Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Naval Units, Copters, and Seaplanes
Affiliation New Rubinelle Army, Rubinelle (Formerly)
CO power Supply Chain
CO Zone 3
Hits Power
Misses Insubordinates
“Ambitious and power hungry, he wants to destroy the Lazurian Army and rule the world as its new king.

"I'll see you hanged for this!"”

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin CO Description

Admiral Greyfield (Sigismundo in the European version of the game) is a CO and leader of the New Rubinelle Army.

Greyfield is first mentioned by Waylon after clearing level seven. He then appears as an ally during the campaign against Lazuria.

After the war with Lazuria is over, he orders Waylon to kill Forsythe, much to Brenner's dismay. Brenner, defiant, orders the troops to leave the area because it was revealed that Greyfield has gone mad, was the true instigator, and was shown to have a superiority complex. Greyfield fires weapons against the hiding spot after he frees the Lazurian prisoners.

With the knowledge of the Creeper being out in the public, some of Greyfield's troops abandoned Greyfield. Support from Greyfield started diminishing as he has lost control of his troops. He is then shown to have little consideration for his troops as anyone who disobeys are considered weak and traitorous.

After a campaign against him, he has failed to launch the Caulder Missiles on time. He is shot by Lin, ending his hunger for power. Greyfield (when alive) referred to himself as King Greyfield the Mighty.

CO Abilities


Greyfield's Theme

Madman's Reign

CO Zone

+10% ATK and +40% DEF to any Naval Units, seaplanes and copters within 3 spaces of the CO unit.

CO Power

Supply Chain(Days of Ruin) - High Command(Dark Conflict)

  • Refills fuel, ammo, and materials for all units.

Greyfield's COP is the only means of restoring material to Rigs and Carriers in the game.


In order to unlock Greyfield as a playable commander, the player must complete Mission 21: "Lin's Gambit".


As Greyfield

Against Greyfield

As an Ally


Greyfield is an unusual CO with a high skill floor. He fills a special niche by mitigating the limitations imposed by Fuel, Ammunition, and Material. Previously, Jess was the CO that resupplied units, but rather than a minor bonus, within the context of Days of Ruin Greyfield turns this into a strategic advantage. Materials can only be restored through his CO Power.

The units most heavily impacted by supply limits are Gunboats, Seaplanes, Carriers, Submarines, Rigs, and Flares. It should then come as little surprise that Greyfield's stat boost applies to all these units save rigs and flares. You may notice several naval units, and indeed, he is very oppressive on the water. His wide CO Zone can cover his whole fleet, so they are all difficult to take down, even carriers and Battleships that are so vulnerable to subs. Opponents won't profit as much from exploiting gaps in his fleet formation, and his gunboats and seaplanes trade even more efficiently than usual. Boarding him on a Cruiser will make that cruiser practically invincible, so he can push his fleet on and on and on.

Greyfield's best units have high prices, so you may need to save up to afford them, but he makes sure your investment pays off. His rigs can build additional temporary ports and airports, helping more easily resupply and repair.

On the ground, he really has nothing going for him. His CO Zone is wide, but offers nothing more to Land Units than the default. If they run out of fuel, they just stay put until a rig rolls along, but they rarely do since allied Cities are often plentiful, where they already go for repairs and ammo. If Greyfield has access to Transport and Battle Copters he can more securely capture property and better support his lackluster ground units.


  • Greyfield is the only commander in Days of Ruin to hold a Naval Rank (Admiral).
  • Greyfield is said to have faked his exam results and taken credits for others' work in Lin's Gambit.
  • Greyfield's eyes do have pupils they are just very very small and only really visible in the CO section of the Days of Ruin Strategy Guide.
  • Internally, he is called "Jig".


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