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Green Earth is one of the five main forces of Wars World. It is featured in Super Famicom Wars, Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike. They are also a member of the Allied Nations.

In Advance Wars, Green Earth borders Blue Moon to the north on Cosmo Land, while in the sequel, it is a group of islands to the far east of Macro Land.

Green Earth's forces are extremely organized. Eagle, the leader of Green Earth, specializes in aerial combat, with Jess dominating the ground, and Drake the seas.

In Advance Wars 2, Black Hole forces, led by Black Hole's second in command, Hawke, launched a campaign on the Green Earth homeland, conquering a great deal of the continent before the tides was turned at the hand of Eagle, Jess, and Drake.

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Javier joins the Green Earth army and contributes his abilities to the fight in Omega Land.

Green Earth is mainly based on Germany with two of its COs (Eagle and Drake, who are based off Manfred Von Richthofen, aka the Red Baron, and Britain's Sir Francis Drake respectively.) Jess seems to be modeled after German tank master Erwin Rommel.

Green Earth's infantry units resemble German troops, complete with Stahlhelms, MP40s and Panzerfausts. Its tanks, however, are modeled after the German Sturmtiger and French Char B1. Green Earth's fighters resemble the American-made A-10 Thunderbolt, whereas their Battle Copters resemble the Soviet-made Mi-24 Hind.

Another nod to its European resemblance is that The Green Earth HQ resembles a generic Western European castle. However, its in-battle image is reminiscent of the French Palace of Versailles (also in Europe). It is also important to note that its supposed coat of arms shown in the background of the original Advanced Wars menu is very reminiscent of a WWII German Eagle.


Green Earth's Commanding Officers are:

  • Eagle: The Leader of Green Earth. A top notch aerial ace; He often has a bitter rivalry against Jess.
  • Drake: A former pirate and a good friend of Eagle. He dominates the sea and commands their Navy.
  • Jess: A way capable CO of Green Earth's Ground Forces. Often never far from a tank.
  • Javier: A Knight in shining armor. He is adept in entrechment and bolsters his forces through the use of Comm Towers.


  • In Super Famicom Wars, Green Earth is modeled after the real world nation of Germany.
  • Green Earth's COs are mainly the most specialised nation, with each one with a particular aspect of warfare. (Air, Ground, Naval and Defense)


Green Earth
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