Advance Wars Wiki
Great Sea Battle
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ******
Term(s) Destroy the factory's Pipe Seam
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Eagle, Drake, or Jess
Green Earth
CO 2 Andy, Max, or Sami
Orange Star
CO 3 Kanbei, Sonja, or Sensei
Yellow Comet
CO 4 Hawke
Black Hole

Great Sea Battle is the last mission of the Green Earth Campaign.


[In this mission, you can freely select which of the three main GE, OS, and YC COs you want to deploy.]

<CO Select>: The final battle is at hand! Destroy the pipe to the factory!


BHSldier: Lord Hawke, the enemy has finished establishing their field HQ.

Hawke: It has come to this... brought to bay against our own factory.

Sturm: Hawke...

Hawke: Here, Lord Sturm.

Sturm: Explain yourself. The enemy has routed your wretched companions... And here you are, cringing like a dog with its tail beneath its legs.

Hawke: ......

Sturm: Protect my factory at any cost. If you fail, you will know no peace and no forgiveness, cur.

Hawke: Yes, my liege.


Eagle: As soon as we're ready, begin the attack on that factory.

Drake: Think we can handle this on our own? It looks like Black Hole is mustering all its troops.

Jess: This war won't end until we destroy that factory. If we don't do this, no one will.

Kanbei: That's not exactly true.

Drake: Commander Kanbei!

Kanbei: If we pool our might and fight as one, our chance of victory increases. Isn't that so, Nell?

Nell: Yes, it is. We want to help as well. Blue Moon can't send soldiers, but their support is unwavering.

Jess: I understand... It's not like we've been fighting this war on our own.

Drake: Together, we stand strong. Now let's go liberate Green Earth!



Eagle: It's almost time. I think air units have the advantage here.

Drake: It looks like Green Earth would have an advantage with air units... Can I navigate these waters? Only one way to find out! Anchors aweigh!

Jess: We definitely need air support here. I hope this is the last battle.

Andy: We're in charge of the land campaign! Wahoo! I'm ready to go!

Sami: That Hawke is a little scary... But I won't back down, and I won't lose a land battle!

Max: Leave the land battle to me! It's time to let loose with a good, old- fashioned beatdown!

Kanbei: Here we turn the tables on the foe! As long as Kanbei is here, the enemy shall know no peace!

Sonja: We're closest to the factory. The key to this battle are taking the cannon and circling behind the enemy.

Sensei: That enemy CO seems like a tough guy... But I see right through him, and I'm going for his weak point!


[After you have destroyed the pipe seam:]

Hawke: Is this the end?

BHSldier: Commander? What are your orders, sir?

Hawke: Do as you please.

BHSldier: Um... and you, Commander? You're not planning on going down with the ... er... factory?

Hawke: Fool! This place may be important, but I've no desire to die with it. Now go! If you want to save your skin, you must do it yourself!

BHSldier: Yes, sir. Farewell, sir.

Hawke: Hah... This is one situation I never expected myself to be in. I survive, though. And where there's life, there is opportunity.


GESldier: The factory is captured!

Eagle: And the enemy CO?

GESldier: Missing in action, sir. He disappeared at the time the factory was secured.

Jess: Really... Nice work, soldier.

GESldier: Thank you, ma'am!

Jess: It's over at last.

Eagle: Mm. Peace will now return to Green Earth.

Drake: Whew... That's nice.

Jess: Huh? That was unexpected.

Drake: Hm? What was?

Jess: "Nice"? I thought you'd be more... excited.

Drake: Oh, I'm thrileed. I just want to take a nap is all. Yaaaaawn! I'm bushed!

Jess: Hm hm hmm...

Eagle: Ha ha haa...

Nell: Congratulations on your victory. As your ally, we are very happy.

Eagle: We couldn't have done it without your assistance. On behalf of the people of Green Earth, I thank you.

Kanbei: Hearing that makes the journey worthwhile.

Nell: Yes, it does. Now, Commander Eagle, I think you grasp the situation, but...

Eagle: Yes. The war is not yet finished.

Nell: Correct. You know where that pipe leads... Until we've defeated Black Hole on their own turf, the war will never truly be finished.

Jess: It sounds like things are just going to continue getting tougher.

Eagle: It's not like the combat we've seen up to now has been child's play. No matter who the foe may be, we won't lose.