Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Naval Units and Indirect Combat Units
Affiliation 12th Battalion, Lazurian Army
CO power Longshot
CO Zone 2
Hits Getting things done
Misses Talking

Gage (Trak in the European version) is a CO of the Lazurian Army. He makes his only appearance to date in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. He is a man of few words, though he can be devastating in battle. He will follow any order no matter, what whether it be fighting trained soldiers or what are essentially armed civilians.

He appears once as an enemy, once as an ally, and once as a playable CO (in that order.) After Forsythe's death, he takes up joint command of the Lazurian Army with Tasha.

CO Abilites

Gage is an indirect specialist reminiscent of Grit in the previous games. His zone grants +20 attack and +10 defense to indirect-attack and naval units.

CO Power Longshot: All indirect-attack units gain +2 attack range.


Gage must build up a mass of artillery as quickly as possible. One shot from his artillery will cripple most ground units so you don't need to use up 2 attacks on 1 enemy unit unlike other COs. Gage's indirect units are easier to rank up thus increasing the amount of attacks that will destroy enemy units in one hit. Anti-Tanks are also a good option. Although they are more expensive, they can form an effective barrier against most enemy land units. Once your meter is full you can advance upon your opponent. The threat of +2 range turns Gage's artillery into pseudo-rockets at a much lower price. On maps that are more naval unit heavy, building up Battleships can make his attacks particularly devastating as he can cripple both land and naval units; however, he will require protection from Submarines by keeping some Cruisers nearby.

Another strategy is to put Gage in a Flare. Gather the indirect units near the CO unit and hide in the wood. This is basically a defensive play-style, but it is extremely rewarding. The CO unit will function primarily as support. The rest is building up the CO and moving slowly cover to cover and hitting it big with the COP (this strategy works best with Fog of War.)


Gage is the only CO in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin to carry a real life firearm as part of his avatar: the German
Gage's Theme

Gage's Theme

Proud Soldier

H&K PSG1 sniper rifle. He shares this trait with Sami from earlier games, who carries a rifle from the American M16 series.

Gage character is also somewhat similar to a certain CO named Grit. Both of them carry a real world weapon, have laid-back attitudes, and are really good with indirect units.

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