Foul Play
Foul Play
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty  ?
Term(s)  ?
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1  ?
CO 2  ?

Foul Play is the (?) mission of the Yellow Comet Campaign.


Sensei: A peace offering? What does Black Hole really want?


Sonja: A peace treaty? Did Black Hole really suggest that we form a lasting peace with them?

Kanbei: So it would seem, Daughter. Our consecutive victories have taken their toll on their army. They're proposing a peace treaty that is favorable to Yellow Comet.

Sensei: Hmmm... How do you intend to respond, Kanbei?

Sonja: Father, it's a trap! It must be. You must ignore it.

Kanbei: I admit the possibility that this might all be a trap. However, I intend to meet with them and hear their proposal.

Sonja: Father! You mustn't...

Kanbei: I will not raise my sword against one who has thrown his down. That is not the way of the samurai.


Sonja: This is the location we agreed on. There's no one here. It must be a trap.

Sensei: No, wait... There's someone... There!

Adder: ......

Sensei: We came as promised, Adder. I would hear your plan for peace.

Adder: 3...

Sonja: What?

Adder: 2...

Kanbei: That--

Adder: 1...

Sonja: That isn't Adder! It's a dummy!

Sensei: No! Everyone! Retreat!!

Adder: 0

[An explosion rocks the screen.]

Adder: Heh heh heh... Right on schedule. The road has been cleared of all obstacles. A leisurely march to the enemy HQ would seem to be in order.

Sensei: Hate to tell you this, sonny, but that's not going to happen.

Adder: ...Hsss... So you survived. It matters not. You're too late. Our preparations are complete. This pipe is the route by which materials are transported to our factory. It's also an impenetrable, indestructable wall. So why don't you twiddle your thumbs or something while I go and capture your HQ. Heh heh heh...

Sensei: There's no scheme too base for these scoundrels.

Adder: Heh heh heh... Base? It's not base, it's brilliant! Now out of my way, you senile old fool! I've no time to spare for you. You may watch, though, while I claim my prize!


Sonja: Sensei! Listen. It's as Adder said. The pipe is indestructible. However, if we concentrate our fire on the seam, we might be able to open a hole in it that will allow our units to pass through.

Sensei: Mm... Well then, let's give it a shot.

Adder: What are you attempting to prove? There's no way that you can turn the table! It's too late!

Sensei: This takes me back... Compared to the battles of old, this is nothing but a skirmish. Shall we get started then? Listen to me! Our goal is to destroy the 3 minicannons. If we can take care of them, the foe will lose heart. Move out!

[After you have destroyed all the minicannons:]

Adder: Our minicannons have been destroyed? All of them? There's been some sort of mistake... Under these conditions... there's no way... we should have lost...

Sensei: Now listen here, Adder. You should really try hard to avoid making me angry.

Adder: What? What did you do?

Sensei: I'm an old man. I'm not looking for a fight. I want nothing more than to relax and bake my bones in the sun. So I'm warning you, stop now, while you still can. If not, I don't think I'll be able to restrain myself...

Adder: Hss... Hssssssss!

Sonja: Wow! He sure left in a hurry.

Kanbei: Vintage Sensei! Well done! Well done indeed!

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