Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Large CO zone, high firepower
Affiliation Lazurian Army
CO power None
CO Zone 5
Hits Honor
Misses Killers

General Forsythe (Carter in the European version of the game) is a CO and leader of the Lazurian Army.

He fights with honor, often claiming : "I am a soldier, not a killer." He is known as the "Hero of the Darrett" after he repelled a Rubinelle attack on the Lazurian Army headquarters 20 years before the events of Days of Ruin.

In dialogue, it is explicitly stated that Forsythe was called out of retirement to defend Lazuria from Greyfield's aggression.

The Rubinelle commander he defeated was the father of Captain Brenner, so it is fitting that Forsythe is defeated by Brenner.

Caulder offered some of his horrible weapons to Forsythe. However, Forsythe does not give in to Caulder's offer.

At the end of Chapter 14 A Hero's Farewell defeating Forsythe, the entire army surrenders by his command. It appears that the war between the Lazurians and Rubinelle have ended. He decides to take the blame for the war that has occurred in exchange for Brenner to he spares his people. Unfortunately, due to Greyfield's rise to power, his sight to execute those who oppose him has led him to defy Brenner's promise to Forsythe. Under the orders of Greyfield, he is executed by Waylon. His death was the breaking point for Brenner's Wolves, already unhappy with Greyfield, and causes them to put their foot down and rebel.

CO Abilities

Forsythe has the Mega Boost ability. He starts out with the largest CO zones in the game, with a 5-square radius covered. All units within this zone have +10% Attack and Defense.

Unlike other CO's, Forsythe does not have a CO power. This is probably due to balance his incredible range and unit versatility.


As Forsythe:

  • Just about any unit can be used to benefit with Forsythe's CO zone. It is highly recommended that you
    Forsythe's Theme

    Forsythe's Theme

    Hero of Legend

    use a unit that can get to your destination very fast.
  • He's pretty much the jack-of-all-trades CO in terms of usage. He works wonders in just about any map.
  • Unlike almost all CO's, he has the least risk of losing his CO unit. If they defeat your CO Unit, you can always rebound back very quickly.
  • He is one of the few CO's that takes less dramatic impact after opponent's CO Power is used.
  • Forsythe players are versatile and can be played offensively or defensively.

Against Forsythe:

  • Be cautious on how to handle his range of power. Remember, the majority of your units will be weaker than his due to his range.
  • Since he does not have dramatic boosts in comparison to other CO's, if properly played, you will usually have the upper advantage.
  • Because he doesn't have a CO Power, use this to your advantage to deliver surprise CO Powers and deliver a trump card of your own.


Due to his great skill, appearance, and gentlemanly demeanor, it is assumed that he is based off of General Lee of the American Civil War.

It is also possible that his name and appearance is based off of popular British Television personality, Bruce Forsyth .

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