Flak Attack
Flak Attack
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty **
Term(s) Rout or HQ capture
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Max
Orange Star, Player
CO 2 Flak
Black Hole, Enemy

Flak Attack is the (?) mission of the Orange Star Campaign.


Max: Enemy planes attack from the sea! Can the ground forces repel them?


BHSldier: Lord Flak, troop deployment is complete.

Flak: Look what we have here. Max's boys... I'm gonna enjoy this.

BHSldier: Uh, sir... The unauthorized use of troops for personal vendettas is...

Flak: Is what, worm? I'm not gonna let Max get away with what he did. As long as I win, who cares about rules? Now get outta here!

BHSldier: Understood...


Sami: Max! It's an attack!

Max: What? Battle copters? Bombers? Coming with an air assault, huh?

Sami: This doesn't look good. My troops are still recovering, and I don't think they're ready... Infantry vs. planes isn't the best matchup to begin with.

Max: Leave it to me! I'll bring those birds down!

Sami: I'll come with you. I can at least offer some advice. Together, we can get through this.

Max: All right!

Orange Star / Day 1

Sami: They have bombers... There are fighters, too. OK, let's just stay calm. These are A-airs: anti-air units. As the name implies, they're strong against air units. As direct-combat units, they're no slouches vs. infantry, either.

Max: Oh, yeah! I love direct combat!

Sami: Now these are missiles. They're an indirect-combat weapon. They can only fire on air units, but the damage they cause is horrific! For more intel, select the unit and press the R Button.

Max: Yeah, and to see the range of fire, press the B Button, right?

Sami: Uh-huh! I was a bit worried, but it looks like it's all coming back to you.

Max: Don't worry; I'll get you home without a scratch! Now it's time to light up the skies! But just remember, you owe me one!

[You select the Battle Copter unit.]

OSSldier: Battle copters! Let's move!

Max: Listen up! B copters are direct-combat units... but they can't fire on fighters or bombers. In a copter dogfight, the attacker wins! Now go make some noise!

OSSldier: Sir! Yes, sir!

[You select the Rocket unit.]

Sami: The unit you've selected is a rocket unit. It's an indirect-combat unit with a fairly wide range of fire: 3-5 spaces. For you, though, Max, its range of fire drops to 3-4 spaces.

Max: Yeah, I just can't seem to get the hang of indirect combat.

Sami: Don't worry too much, Max. You ARE the king of direct combat, after all. Oh yes, rockets run out of ammo quickly... so make sure you deploy them in areas that are easy to get supplies to.

Black Hole / Day 1

BHSldier: Lord Flak, we've just been told that we're not authorized to use either bombers or fighters!

Flak: Grrr... Who needs authorization?! They were just sitting there!

BHSldier: Lord Flak, we don't have many soldiers trained to use them...

Flak: Trained? I'll train 'em myself! These bombers... They're indirect- combat units. They're good against ground units. They're even good on Md tanks. But they can't fire on other air units. They're bombers. They bomb. This here's a fighter. It can attack other air units. It's the best weapon to have when you're stompin' flying stuff. You have to watch fuel with air units. They burn 2 units of fuel per day. Ground units stop moving when they run out of fuel, but that's all. An air unit without fuel falls out of the sky and crashes. You got it? Then attack! The more you take out, the better.

BHSldier: Yes, sir! Delta squad is away!

[If you captured the lone neutral city near your HQ:]

BHSldier: Commander! We recovered this in a city we captured!

Max: Huh? What's this supposed to be?

Sami: Ah! That... That's a map to the enemy lab!

Max: They left a map?

Sami: Actually, my troops have been ordered to find the lab on this map! It seems that Black Hole has these labs scattered here and there. Reports are that they're research centers for new weapon development.

Max: Here and there? So there are labs like this in Yellow Comet and Blue Moon?

Sami: We're not completely sure. They're... hidden and all. Which is why we need maps like this to help us search them out. I'll warn our allies and get this intel to Nell. At the very least, we've pinned down the lab here in Orange Star. After we're through here, we should be able to proceed to the lab via the Map Select screen.

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy HQ:]

Max: All right! How's that, Sami? Not a scratch anywhere!

Sami: Thanks, Max! But what about your troops?

Max: Hah! This is nothing. My troops eat this stuff for breakfast!

Flak: Grrr... Blast!

Max: Yo, Flak! You had enough?

Flak: ......

Max: Just give it up, already.

Flak: Don't start mouthin' off 'cause you won here today.

Max: What?!

Flak: No one can stop the Black Hole invasion. You'll see. One day, you and your girlfriend'll be begging for mercy! I'll retreat for now, but we'll meet again. So long.

Sami: Girlfriend!? Who does he think he is? Black Hole goons... Not an ounce of decency in any of them.

Max: Yeah, but they're never gonna take Orange Star. Not while we're here.

Nell: Sami! Max! Are you all right? Hm? The battle... It's... finished?

Max: Hey there, Nell! You're just in time to join the celebration!

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