This is about the normal property that allows for building units. For information about the Black Hole terrain of the same name, see Factory (Black Hole).

Factories, sometimes called Bases, are a kind of productive Building and Terrain. Factories can produce and restore HP to Land Units at a cost as well as resupply them for free. Factories also generate funds, provide defensive cover (3 stars) for Land Units and do not impede movement.

Factories produce the largest amount of units and unit types, with units capable of capturing exclusive to it. This increases their strategic importance because property capturing units may be produced at the frontlines instead of having to transport them along.

Orange Star Factory

While not able to directly resupply Naval or Air Units Factories can support them by building an APC , which allows these kinds of units to travel much farther from Ports and Airports than usual. In Advance Wars: Days of Ruin the APC (renamed to rig) may build a limited number of Temporary Ports and Temporary Airports , these buildings increase the survival time of their respective units greatly and make them easier to use in situations where it wouldn't otherwise be feasible.

Note that while designing maps there must be either one Factory or one Unit present for each faction with a HQ , otherwise it is not possible to play the map.

In Famicom Wars, Factories provide no money. In fact, they were simply near the HQ, since in the pre-AW games, only properties near the player's HQ could be used to build units.

In Game Boy Wars 3, Factories provide Materials, and are the only properties that can do so, making them vital for building more units. They are also required for building Constructors and Supply Trucks. However, they provide no Gold.

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