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Units in Super Famicom Wars and Game Boy Wars 3 are capable of gaining Experience just like in RPGs such as Fire Emblem. Of course, since units generally don't carry over between battles, neither does the Experience accumulated for each one.

Leveling up can be shut off in Super Famicom Wars, though only at the start of a file. In Game Boy Wars 3, Leveling Up is always on.

Super Famicom Wars

How to gain

Units can gain Experience only by dealing damage, leaving weaponless units, like the Supply Truck, out of luck. The Experience gained is 1 for every sub-HP of damage dealt (up to 100), multiplied by the defending unit's Experience Value (listed on their page).

Each of Yamamoto's units starts with 1001 Experience.

Level Up

The boost to Attack and Defense is a whopping 20% for each level up, but Defense is only boosted for the third and fourth level ups.

The following amounts of Experience are needed for the respective levels:

  • 1 dot: 500
  • 2 dots: 1000
  • 3 dots: 2000
  • Star: 4000

Progress to the next level is indicated by a row of 20 stars.

Game Boy Wars 3

How to gain

Game Boy Wars 3 has plenty of ways for units to gain Experience, although hacking is the only way to have an idea of how much experience a unit has without a guide.

The first is combat. Units gain Experience by:

  • Just participating - 1
  • Being the target of a ranged attack - 1
  • Dealing damage - 1 for every HP of damage done
  • Attacking up-close - 1
  • Getting hit by a counterattack - 1
  • Wiping out the enemy unit - 1
  • Underdog bonus - 1 plus enemy unit's old HP if attacking up-close and the enemy unit's base Attack with its used weapon was higher; only applies if the enemy unit is wiped out

In addition, the Bomb command from Anti-City weapons provide 10 EXP plus 1 EXP per HP of damage to units from the bombing, and all other Special Commands except for the Work Car's Pave command give off 1 Experience per HP. Also, moving with at least one loaded unit grants 1 Experience for each space the unit moves on its own.

In the PALBal patch, as of Version 1.0, Properties grant resupply-viable allied units EXP proportional to the Property's Strength and the unit's HP before any repairs. The Aircraft Carrier is additionally treated as a 200 Strength Property in this regard.

Level Up

The unit's Total Attack and Total Defense are boosted by 10% and 5% respectively for each level up. The Total Defense boosts provide a set amount of reduced damage affected by the unit's HP.

100 Experience is required for each Rank Up from D to each one in order: C, B, A, and S. Gain rates don't even slow down. However, there is no way to tell how much progress a unit has made to the next level up without hacking.

PALBal patch changes

Version 0.9

  • Buff All special commands' EXP quadrupled
  • Buff Pave command now grants 50 EXP
  • Buff Transportation' EXP multiplied by 8
  • Nerf Bomb command can no longer get HP Damage EXP off of friendly units (removes friendly fire EXP)
  • Buff Direct fire Offensive EXP 2 -> 12
  • Buff Direct fire Defensive EXP 1 -> 20
  • Buff Range fire Offensive EXP 1 -> 20
  • Buff Range fire Defensive EXP 2 -> 50
  • Buff Kill Bonus EXP 1 -> 32

Version 1.0

  • Buff Optional feature: EXP meter is shown on stats
  • Buff Direct fire damage/kill EXP VS non-defenseless units increased by 25%
  • Change Direct fire damage/kill EXP VS non-defenseless units changed by 10% per Level of difference between units, multiplicative with above
    • Buff Overall: Same direct fire damage/kill EXP VS non-defenseless units at a 2 Level advantage (1.25 x 0.8 = 1), improved EXP with lesser Level advantage, equal Level, or outright Level disadvantage
  • Nerf Damage/kill EXP VS units that can't counterattack reduced by 12.5% per attacking unit's Level
  • Nerf A newly built unit being the partner causes the attacking unit to be treated as having 4 additional Levels (reduces EXP significantly)
  • Buff Underdog bonus of doubling Damage/kill EXP no longer requires the KO
  • Change Underdog bonus trigger Lower ATK -> Lower (ATK x (4 + Level) / 4)
  • Buff Properties now grant EXP based on Property's Strength and the unit's old HP at the start of the phase: formula is Property Strength/10 x Old HP / 10