Appearances Advance Wars

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Air Units
Affiliation Green Earth
CO power Lightning Drive
Super CO power Lightning Strike
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Lucky Goggles
Misses Swimming

Eagle (Japanese: イーグル) is the commander-in-chief of Green Earth. He is a playable CO in every Advance Wars game except Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. He debuts in the first game as one of the primary antagonists, but later becomes a powerful ally against Sturm.

Eagle first joined the Air Force in honor of his father, likewise an Air Force officer. He is the leader of Green Earth, and is held in high regard by the citizenry. Despite the fact that Drake is almost his polar opposite, the two are steadfast friends. He often argues with Jess about how to defend their homeland, and will forever hold a grudge against Hawke for his role in the invasion of Green Earth during the events of Black Hole Rising. He sees Andy as his main rival as a result of their battles during the original Advance Wars, when a clone of Andy was used to frame Orange Star for Sturm's attacks on Green Earth. Over the course of the three games that he was involved in, he has developed a strong relationship with Sami of Orange Star.

CO Ability Summary

Eagle receives a 20% firepower boost with Air Units (15% in Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2). In addition, his air units burn two less fuel per turn. However, his Naval Units are 10% weaker than the baseline. His Land Units have no special bonuses or penalties.

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Eagle's powers in general allow his units to move again. His CO power, Lightning Drive, imposes an offensive penalty on the second move. His Super CO power, Lightning Strike, boosts both offense and defense in addition to the additional turn.

Advance Wars

Storyline Significance

Eagle begins the game as a recurring antagonist. As the player, in control of Andy and the Orange Star forces, fights their way through Blue Moon and Yellow Comet, Eagle harasses them on occasion. He appears to hold a grudge against Andy.

Once Orange Star's military reaches Green Earth, Eagle reveals the reason for his grudge: Andy was seen leading an army of Orange Star troops on a sneak attack into Green Earth's territory, killing many of Eagle's men. Eventually, it is revealed that the "Andy" that Eagle saw was actually a clone created by Sturm, and Eagle joins forces with Orange Star. He begins to see Andy in a new light, as more of a worthy opponent than an enemy to be destroyed, and by the end of the game the two are more "friendly rivals" than enemies.

CO Abilities

Eagle is a specialist with air units, granting them higher firepower and greater fuel efficiency. All ground units are standard, while naval units suffer from a crippling reduction in power.

CO power - Lightning Strike

Allows all of his non-infantry Units that have already moved to move again at the cost of reduced attack and defense.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Storyline Significance

Eagle alongside Drake and Jess battles against Hawke during Black Hole's attempted takeover of Green Earth.

CO Abilities

Eagle's air units receive a 15% attack bonus and a 10% defence bonus. His naval units suffer from a 30% attack penalty.

CO Power - Lightning Drive

Increases the attack and defence of his Air Units by 15% and 20% respectively.

Super CO power - Lightning Strike

All non-infantry units may move again. His air units have 130% attack and defense. All other units have 110% defense.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Storyline Significance

After the Black Obelisk is destroyed and Black Hole mounts a counterattack, Eagle is one of the Macro Land COs who arrive to reinforce the Allied Nations troops in Omega Land, along with Grit, Sami, and Sonja.

CO Abilities

All Eagle's flying units have 120% attack, but his naval units have 90%. His air units use 2 less fuel each day compared the baseline.

CO power: Lightning Drive

All his non-infantry units can move and attack again, but their firepower is reduced. Aircraft attack at 70%, vehicles at 60%, naval units at 55%. Standard 10% boost to attack and defense is applied to units moving for the first time.

Super CO power: Lightning Strike

All non-infantry units may move for a second time. All his units receive the standard 10% bonus to attack and defense.

Tag Breaks

Eagle has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


Eagle is good for campaign missions and War Room maps with Airports in them. In competitive play, him having strong B-Copters is good and naval units aren't used much, so he has no real weaknesses. If Eagle players grab bombers though, the game is pretty much settled.

Eagle has one of the largest power meters in the game, equal to Hawke's and only 1 star less than Sturm's and Von Bolt's. However, his Super CO Power is very much well worth it. It essentially lets you repeat your entire turn. You can move twice and attack twice (Cannot move Infantry twice unfortunately). This is extremely useful when attempting to take down indirects, seeing as the opponent will often try using infantry or Weakened vehicles to stall your own troops to take a few shots with their indirects and damage your land vehicles.

While his regular CO Power has a firepower penalty, for only 3 stars, it's an incredible deal. Even with the reduction in effect, your high HP units should be able to take out the enemy's damaged units much of the time. Another benefit to both of his powers is that you can use the extra movement to retreat as well. You can attack the opponent recklessly and then use either of the two powers move your units into a position where they can't be fired at.

Sometimes air units rarely enter into play in Advance Wars, so therefore Eagle must rely on his powers to gain an advantage over his opponents. Fortunately for Eagle players, the ability to take a double turn after a while or during a major push is extremely powerful even when it applies only to non-infantry units, as it equates essentially to the largest attack and movement boosts in the game by far.

This means that his Super CO power can often win the game outright by giving the Eagle player insurmountable material (unit count and strength) and positional advantages. Meanwhile his CO power creates opportunities for the Eagle player to employ hit-and-run tactics, attacking with his direct units and withdrawing from the range of enemy indirects, or to overwhelm his opponent numerically by doubling unit production on turns where the CO power is invoked.

For all the reasons mentioned above, Eagle is one of the better CO's in the series.


Black Hole Rising


"The Eagle soars above you!"

"I have no interest in underlings. Begone!"

"All units, ready for attack! Don't even give them time for regret!"

"Speed is the lifeblood of battle!"

"Do you think you can keep up?"

"Heh heh... Impressive!" You had almost overtaken me. Almost!"


"Another victory! Was there ever any doubt!"

Dual Strike


"Maybe you're not so bad after all..."

"You're not even worth my time!"


"Death from above!"

"Fear the skys!"


"You're wasting my time."

"This ends here and now."

Campaign, Pre-Battle

Final Battle

"Humph! I don't like this at all! That thing is giving me the willies!

(with Sami)

Eagle: "I want you to promise me something, Sami. Promise that if we both return from this battle alive..."

Sami: "Oh no you don't! Stop it right there! If two people make a promise like that, one of them is going to end up dead! You might as well tell me that you're two days away from retirement! Save the promises for later, OK? We'll talk when we get back in one piece."



  • He was named after a USAF pilot and NASA astronaut, Joe Henry Engle.
  • He was based on Manfred "Rote Baron" (Red Baron) von Richthofen, Germany's World War 1 greatest pilot.
  • In Advance Wars Campaign: Mission 8: "Sami's debut!" Eagle will swear on his "lucky goggles" to improve himself if beat by Sami.
  • Alongside this, Eagle and Sami are hinted to be in a relationship through some dialogue, and this is evident in their tag power receiving a 20% bonus.
  • Amusingly, despite his confidence, it's implied that Eagle has never formally beaten Andy once. The clone is assumed to have won given his successful destruction of Green Earth until Orange Star finds him and since the real Andy's first mission is the first mission in the game and you beat him every encounter, including Rivals, it's a safe assumption that the "legendary Air commander" is somehow worse than a new guy. Granted the real Andy had an "Advisor" and the fake one, a vastly OP army (though AC Sami's Debut and Rivals Eagle really can't talk much), but the fact remains.
  • Eagle is the only CO other than Sturm to have his original CO Power from Advance Wars become his Super CO Power in Advance Wars 2.
  • Eagle's Tag CO Power with Hawke has the biggest decrease of the entirety of Dual Strike. This makes sense, as Hawke destroyed Green Earth, of which Eagle is very protective.
  • Eagle, alongside Hawke, has the second biggest power meter in all Advance Wars 2, with a total of nine stars, only topped by Sturm, who has a ten star power meter.
  • David Heiss's screen name ""Eagle_the_Lightning" was also referenced to him and his CO Power.