Duty & Honor
Duty & Honor
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty  ?
Term(s)  ?
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1  ?
CO 2  ?

Duty & Honor is the (?) mission of the Yellow Comet Campaign.


Kanbei: Kanbei goes to reclaim a town. The enemy's new weapon awaits.


BHSldier: Commander Adder! The laser cannon has been deployed, as you ordered.

Adder: Very well.

Flak: Adder, how you planning on using it up on that mountain?

Adder: Quite simple, really. I'm going to lure the enemy in and fire.

Flak: What makes you think they'll come all the way out here?

Adder: I'm going to lay siege to their cities. If they don't come, I'll tell the world they permitted their cities be taken. Either way, we can't lose.

Flak: Hrmmm...

Adder: More importantly, did you deploy that infantry as I requested?

Flak: Put 'em just where you said. They're pretty far from the cities. That OK?

Adder: Yes. That's fine. March them along slowly. They're merely bait for the enemy. Wouldn't want them capturing those cities too quickly. Heh heh heh...


Sonja: Father, hold your attack!

Kanbei: Why, Sonja? The Black Hole Army is about to lay siege to our cities.

Sonja: It's a trap. They're trying to lure us in.

Kanbei: But we can't just sit here!

Sonja: Why not? That city isn't at all important, strategically speaking.

Kanbei: Sonja! What are you? What are we?

Sonja: What are we? We're COs in the Yellow Comet Army.

Kanbei: Correct. And COs do not sit idly by and watch their people be destroyed! Even if it's a trap. Even if it's not strategically important.

Sonja: That's...

Kanbei: We are COs. It is our job to protect the people of Yellow Comet. Am I wrong?

Sonja: No, Father. I understand. Just be careful. I'm going to see if I can unravel this trap.

Yellow Comet / Day 2

Sonja: Father, I know what the enemy has planned. They have a monstrous weapon called a laser cannon. If fires a deadly laser up, down, left, and right in a straight line.

Kanbei: I see... Yet, no matter the trap, I...

Sonja: Ooh! I'm not finished yet!!! It's a laser cannon, but it's only a prototype. It can't just be fired at any time. I think that's something we can use to our advantage.

Kanbei: That is helpful. You are splendid, my child!

Sonja: Father! I am NOT looking for flattery! I'm trying to warn you! If the 10 cities in the upper right are captured, we lose. Be careful!

Black Hole/ Day 2

Sonja: Father, the enemy is preparing to fire the laser! Look out!

[After you have defeated all the enemy units:]

Flak: Bad news, Adder. Our troops got beat!

Adder: Hsss! Those Yellow Comet COs aren't bad at all, are they?

Flak: We've just lost 2 laser cannons! Why ain't you more mad?

Adder: They were merely tools. If necessary, we can build more.

Flak: Yeah, I guess so...

Adder: More importantly, how are we going to handle things from here on in? For now, let's retreat to the factory and redraw our battle plans. This war is far from over.


Sonja: Father, it appears that the enemy has withdrawn from the cities.

Kanbei: Is that so?

Sonja: Yes, I visited one of them myself. They gave me a message for you. "Thank you for saving us."

Kanbei: ......

Sonja: It made me think. What if we hadn't entered the enemy's trap? What would have happened to all of the people living in those cities?

Kanbei: The safety of all of Yellow Comet has been entrusted to us. Which means we sometimes have to make painful decisions. We must always protect our citizens, regardless of the danger we face.

Sonja: I understand that now.

YCSldier: Commander! We've spotted someone in the mountains to the north. It might be the Black Hole CO.

Kanbei: Are you sure? Quickly! Prepare to pursue!

Sonja: Hold on, Father. We'll never catch him if he's that far away. It's more important that we work on reorganizing our troops. That's--

Kanbei: We'll never know unless we try. I am NOT letting him get away!

Sonja: But, Father... Father! Oooh! How I wish that he weren't so reckless!

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