A lone Duster from AW:DoR under Will's command.

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Dusters are an Air Unit. They make their one and only outside Japan appearance to date in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. They can target both Air and Land Units, but their attack power is mediocre compared to the specialized Fighter or Bomber. They can also (barely) survive being hit by an A-Air unit.

In the European version (Dark Conflict), the specialised Fighters are known as Interceptors, so these units take the name "Fighter".


  1. Despite the Duster's lacklustre firepower, they are nonetheless useful when used to support Fighters or Bombers as they can help finish off an enemy unit. They are also especially effective at taking down infantry that slips past defenses due to their high mobility (And Mech/Bike-equivalent damage) and are a nice counter to copters (Cheaper than Fighters, more mobile than AA and more resilient than B copters). Combined with their high vision range and mobility, this makes the Duster a pretty situational but useful pick-up.
  2. A niche tactic that is used sparingly (often as a desperate last resort or to taunt an enemy) would be to spam Dusters but are often used as cannon fodder to screen for more valuable aircraft.
  3. AA units will have no problem squaring off against a Duster but infantry, mechs and units that can't fire on airplanes are vulnerable since the Duster is considered a plane rather than a copter.

Game Information

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Duster Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
None N/A N/A Machine Gun
  • None
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
8 99 13,000 4


Rubinelle dusters resemble Douglas A-1 Skyraiders or possible P-47 Thunderbolts, while their Lazurian counterparts resemble Hawker Hurricanes, Il-2 Sturmvoiks or some sort of European fighter-bomber.

They're based on WWII fighter planes, just like the Lite Fighter.

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