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Drake's Dilemma
Drake's Dilemma.png
Mission Info
Difficulty ?
Term(s) Destroy the two Black Cannons
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Drake
Green Earth, Player
CO 2 Kanbei
Yellow Comet, Player
CO 3 Hawke
Black Hole, Enemy

Drake's Dilemma is the (?) mission of the Green Earth Campaign.


Drake: Drake is swept up in Hawke's assault. Will he survive?


Hawke: What are the enemy troops doing?

BHSldier: They appear to be gathering on a small island on the inland sea.

Hawke: And our troops have surrounded the sea?

BHSldier: Yes, sir. A complete wall encircles them. All that remains is to destroy them unit by unit with the Black Cannon.

Hawke: It's too early to relax. Much could happen before they are annihilated. Tell the troops to keep on their toes.


Drake: Enemy troops everywhere. I've got to find a way to turn the tides, or we'll all be swept away. Should I weather that cannon's fire in the reefs or transport troops to the HQ with landers?

GESldier: Commander! Incoming call from Commander Eagle!

Drake: From Eagle? Patch him through.

Eagle: Drake, are you OK?

Drake: Eagle? We've hit a patch of rough sea here. The enemy's surrounded us. We've got to find a way to save the troops...

Eagle: Hold on. I've got some good news for you.

Drake: What is it?

Eagle: I've received a communique from Yellow Comet. They've sent reinforcements! And that's not all. They're being led by the emperor himself, Kanbei!

Drake: That IS good news! OK, I'll launch a counteroffensive timed with Kanbei's attack.

Eagle: You'll be aiming to take out those 2 Black Cannons, right?

Drake: Yep. We can mop up the rest of the enemy once that's done.

Eagle: Understood. I'll request that Kanbei's troops target the Black Cannons, too.

Drake: Thanks, Eagle. You have this old sailor's gratitude.

Eagle: Save it for the victory celebration. Good luck to you, Drake.


YCSldier: Commander. Black Hole appears to have the inland sea surrounded.

Kanbei: What do we know of Green Earth's Commander Drake?

YCSldier: He's unharmed, sir.

Kanbei: Let's establish the field HQ. When that's done, we'll send out the troops. Our mission is to eradicate the 2 Black Cannons. You think you've got Drake where you want him, Black Hole? Prepare to taste steel from both sides!

Black Hole / Day 2

Hawke: So now the Yellow Comet Army has arrived. If they use those missile silos, it may prove problematic. Can the cannons withstand direct missile fire?

BHSldier: Yes, sir. Mistress Lash says the missiles won't even leave scratches.

Hawke: If that's true, we're safe. They don't have many troops deployed yet, do they? Attack immediately. An ounce of prevention as they say.

[After you have destroyed the Black Cannons:]

Hawke: The Black Cannons were destroyed. Useless hunks of—We'll withdraw for the moment. Adjust our preparations.


Drake: Commander Kanbei!

Kanbei: Ah, Commander Drake. I am pleased to see you unharmed.

Drake: You have our gratitude for the reinforcements. I believe we might have gone down with our ships if you hadn't come.

Kanbei: Nonsense. Even surrounded, I believe you would have turned the tables and emerged victorious. We simply sped the process up a bit.

Drake: Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Kanbei: I would like to battle at your side again someday.

Drake: The feeling's mutual. Maybe when we're storming Black Hole's fortress...

Kanbei: May that day come soon. Until then, good-bye.

Drake: Good-bye!