Dr. Morris wants nothing more than to see others smile.

Dr. Morris is a civilian in the Brenner's Wolves base camp. He stays with the Wolves after being found in the city of New Wolfington and helps out many times during their travels, including discovering a cure for the Creeper virus and healing Isabella. He is also the first character in the series that is not a CO.


Dr. Morris is first found in the city of New Wolfington, caring for the surviving civilians there and nursing them back to health. He is apparently regarded as a hero there. He is honored to meet the famed Captain Brenner and agrees to merge the civilians of New Wolfington with those of Brenner's Wolves. He then helps them find a factory that will supply them all with enough food to survive, but unfortunately, it has been destroyed by Caulder. On the way to the nuclear shelter, Dr. Morris cares for Isabella, and discovers she is infected by the Creeper. He cures her once they reach the shelter, and later on, he tries to find a cure for the advanced version of the virus.


Personality-wise, Dr. Morris is very friendly, and enjoys telling jokes to lighten the situation, though they aren't very good, much to Brenner's irritation. However, he knows when to be serious and is honest when it comes to such matters. He proves to be a good source of information as he has knowledge on the Creeper virus and the mysterious Dr. Caulder, and his resourcefulness is vital to the 12th Battalion.

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