Days of Ruin
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Term(s) Wipe out all enemy units
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Will, changes to Brenner on Day 2
12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 The Beast,
Raiders, Enemy

Days of Ruin is the first mission in Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin introducing the new characters Will, Brenner, Lin, and The Beast.


It has only been a few weeks since the meteor strikes occured, killing off much of the human population. Amidst the rubble, Rubinelle cadet Will struggles to survive, but finds himself completely alone. He comes across survivors led by a former military man called The Beast. His relief is cut short when he finds that they plan on killing him. In fear, Will moves to escape the bandits, and he is rescued by the 12th Battalion led by Brenner and Lin.

New Units




The Beast


This mission acts as a tutorial mainly for beginners, and is therefore very simplistic. Tutorial screens will display to help the player understand the gameplay as they follow along. You'll be initially outgunned and outmanned until a tank and recon arrives on the second turn. To finish this mission relatively quickly, have the tank attack the enemy recon first and finish it off with your own recon. The enemy bike and infantry can then be killed easily.

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