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Days of Ruin
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Term(s) Wipe out all enemy units
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 IconWill.pngWill (Day 1)
IconBrenner.pngBrenner (Day 2+)
Icon12thBattalion.png12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 IconTheBeast.pngThe Beast
IconBandit.pngBandit Raiders, Enemy
Next: A Single Life

Days of Ruin(Days of Ruin) or Destroyed World(Dark Conflict) is the first mission in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin introducing the new characters Will, Brenner, Lin, and The Beast.


It has only been a few weeks since the meteor strikes occurred, killing off much of the human population. Amidst the rubble, Rubinelle cadet Will struggles to survive, but finds himself completely alone. He comes across survivors led by a former military man called The Beast. His relief is cut short when he finds that they plan on killing him. In fear, Will moves to escape the bandits, and he is rescued by the 12th Battalion led by Brenner and Lin.

New Units




The Beast


This mission acts as a tutorial mainly for beginners, and is therefore very simplistic. Tutorial screens will display to help the player understand the gameplay as they follow along. You'll be initially outgunned and outmanned until a tank and recon arrives on the second turn. To finish this mission relatively quickly, have the tank attack the enemy recon first and finish it off with your own recon. The enemy bike and infantry can then be killed easily.


Days of Ruin

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Will: Please... Please let me find someone...

Will: ...There's no one here. The whole world
is dead.
HELLOOOOOO!! Help me, please!
I don't want to be alone...

Mission Start:

Will: Wait! There's someone there!
Where's my radio?! Maybe I can call
them and tell them I'm here...
Help me! My name is Will! I'm a cadet
at the Rubinelle military academy!
Um, do you read? Over.

The Beast: Gwar har har!

Will: ...What's so funny?

The Beast: Look sharp, roaches! We got us a live
one! And he's just a punk kid.
You know the drill! I want his food,
and I want his weapons!
Leave his corpse where it falls! Ain't no
one going to complain! Gwar har har!

Will: No! Don't do this!

Day 1 - Start:

Will: There are too many of them! I've got to
get out of here!
OK...hold on, Will. Focus. Remember your
What's the first priority in a combat
Right! Examine your surroundings, and
gauge the strength of the enemy.

Day 1 - Selecting Will:

Will: I can't take them on, so I need to fall
back. There's a good spot.

Day 1 - Moving Will:

Will: OK! What next?

If Will Takes Damage:

The Beast: Gwar har har! That's what I'm talkin'
about! It's blood-and-guts time!
We just keep killing 'til there's
no one left to kill!

Day 2 - Start:

Brenner: Give me tactical, Lin.

Lin: I've got a single soldier being pursued
by a pack of raiders.
The soldier appears to be one of ours.
Shall we intervene?

Brenner: Do it.

Lin: Yes, sir, Captain.

Will: Who are you guys?

Brenner: Skip the introductions. Fall back, and
let us handle this.

Will: Um... OK.

The Beast: What's the big idea, dogface? This
got nothin' to do with you!

Brenner: It's got everything to do with me. I'm a
soldier. It's my duty.
You remember what duty is, don't you?
I think you used to be soldiers.

The Beast: Duty? Gwar har har! Don't make me
This world's dead, soldier boy,
and so is your precious duty!!
We stopped being soldiers when the
meteors hit. We're survivors!
This is our time, and there is no law!
We rob! We kill! We're kings!

Brenner: Not anymore.

The Beast: And who's gonna stop us? You?

Brenner: That's right. Your days of preying on
survivors are over.
We're going to put you down like the
rabid dogs you are.
You may have forgotten your duty,
but we have not.

The Beast: Gwar har har! Keep talking, loser!
I need a place to aim!

Brenner: Move out, Lin. Let's end this quickly.

Lin: Yes, sir.

Day 3 - Start:

Lin: All units have unique specs. Make sure
to check the intel on each one.

Day 3 - Moving?:

Lin: Familiarizing yourself with the different
terrain types is essential as well.

Day 4 - Start:

Lin: Battlefields can be chaotic, confusing
If you are at a loss for your next
move, there's a way to get advice.

On Destroying a Unit:

Will: This...this isn't like training at all!
This is the real thing!

On Victory:

The Beast: GYAAAA! Stinkin' soldiers! Head for
the hills, roaches! We're outmanned!

On Defeat:

Will: Oh no... After all I've been through?

Post Mission:

A Ruined City in Northwest Rubinelle

Brenner: You all right, kid?

Will: Yeah, I... I am now. Thank you.
My name's Will. I'm a cadet at the academy.
...I mean, I was. Before the meteors.

Brenner: A cadet, huh? Thought I recognized that jacket.
So what happened?

Will: The academy is gone. One minute I was eating lunch
and then...
Everyone died. Instructors and friends and...
I was buried in the mess hall. I've been digging
myself out for... I don't know. Weeks, I guess.
I looked for survivors, but I only found rubble
and bodies.
...I thought I was the only one left.

Brenner: You did well to stay alive. I'm impressed.

Will: I didn't want to die.

Brenner: I'm Captain Brenner. I command the 12th
Battalion, pride of the Rubinelle Army.
And this is my second in command...
Lin: €First Lieutenant Lin. Welcome to Brenner's

Brenner: We've made it our mission to seek out and
aid survivors of the disaster.
The world is a dangerous place now. I suggest
you come with us.

Will: Yes, sir! That would be fantastic! You won't
be sorry about...

Brenner: Are you all right?

Will: Sorry. I haven't eaten in a long time.

Brenner: That was your stomach rumbling? I thought we
were under attack.
Come on. We'll get you some spare rations.
Just don't get too excited. All we have is
canned bread.


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