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Danger X 9
Danger X 9.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty *****
Term(s) Rout or Capture the Black Hole Lab within 9 days
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Eagle, Drake or Jess
Green Earth
CO 2 Hawke
Black Hole

Danger X 9 is the lab mission of the Green Earth Campaign.


[In this mission, you can freely select which of the three main GE COs you want to deploy. I'll be using Jess on this one.]

<CO Select>: Capture the enemy lab and seize the plans for their new weapon!


Jess: According to the map we recovered, the lab should be in this area.

Drake: So the freebooters are working on some sort of new tank?

Eagle: Perhaps.

Jess: From what we know, the contingent guarding the place is fairly small.

Eagle: So if we're going to attack, we should do it now.

Jess: I agree.

Drake: Hmmm...

Eagle: What is it?

Drake: You two can agree on something.

Eagle: We're both trying to come up with a plan to save Green Earth. It seems to me that sharing some of the same opinions is only natural.

Jess: That's right. Eagle's exactly right.

Drake: OK. Say no more.

Jess: There is one thing that concerns me, though. The enemy has a large force heading this way.

Eagle: When will they arrive?

Jess: According to our intel, in 10 days.

Drake: So we must capture the lab by then. It's going to be a hectic 9 days.


Eagle: I will get the enemy’s new tank.

Drake: I bet that new tank would improve my combat prowess.

Jess: With that new tank, I'm sure our casualties will drop.

Green Earth / Day 9

Eagle: Day 9 already? I’ll clean up things today!

Drake: Day 9... Gotta finish up today. Ahoy, mateys! Look alive!

Jess: The enemy battalion arrives tomorrow. I must complete this mission today.

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy lab:]

Eagle: Well? Did you find the plans for the new tank?

Drake: I heard that they'd just been found.

Jess: This brings us one step closer to matching the enemy's strength.

Drake: Uh-huh. I'm looking forward to trying out those new tanks.

Eagle: At last, a chance to demonstrate my specialty.

Jess: Excuse me? Eagle, you're just a glorified flyboy, right? Leave those new tanks to the ground-combat expert. That's me!

Eagle: Who's a glorified flyboy?! If we leave these new tanks in your hands, Red, they'll be wasted!

Jess: What did you say?! I dare you say that again, Eagle!

Drake: Stop it, you two! Whew... And it all comes back to an argument. I wish this were more than just an excuse for you two to fight.

[If you run out of time or get routed]

Drake: Eagle. Jess. Let’s try this again. If we correctly destroy that pipe, I think we can divide the enemy.

Jess: You’re right, Drake. But this Fog of War makes moving tough. We’ve gotta use our vision range and advance cautiously.

Eagle: Wrong. Wouldn’t it be faster to swoop in and rout the enemy completely? With my air units, it would be…

Jess: You never change, Eagle. Your tactics are too reckless to—

Eagle: And you’re too deliberate, Red. You sit, sit, sit, and nothing else!

Drake: By Neptune’s beard! Stop your caterwauling, you two. All you ever do is fight!