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Danger X 9
Danger X 9.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty *****
Term(s) Rout or Capture the Black Hole Lab within 9 days
Time Limit 9 Days
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Eagle, Drake or Jess
Green Earth
CO 2 Hawke
Black Hole

Danger X 9 is the lab mission of the Green Earth Campaign.


Eagle, Drake, and Jess receive intel that Black Hole has set up a lab containing blueprints of their Neotanks. The contingent guarding the lab is fairly small. However, they are also informed of a large force of enemy reinforcements that will arrive in 10 days. Determined to seize the Neotank designs, the Green Earth COs set out to capture the lab before then.

After the Neotank plans are recovered, Eagle and Jess bicker about who would use them more effectively in combat. Drake is disappointed by the pair arguing with each other yet again.


This is one of the most difficult missions in Advance Wars 2 for a variety of reasons. The very strict time limit leaves little margin for error, and the Fog of War present definitely does not help matters. It is easier to rout the enemy forces rather than attempt to capture the lab that is sitting in the top right corner.

Eagle is the best choice for this map as his Lightning Strike will prove very handy in saving a turn. Use your Cruiser to damage or take down the enemy Battle Copters near the top of the screen while using your Rocket to chip away at Hawke's Medium Tanks and Neotanks. Make sure to build a Recon in the middle base to provide vision to your Rocket. Capture the airport in the middle section, build a Bomber and blast open the Pipe Seam. The Bomber will only be able to destroy a Pipe Seam in one turn with full HP, so don't let Hawke damage your Bomber with his CO powers before then. Don't bother building units from the rightmost base. They'll just get run over by Hawke's units.


[In this mission, you can freely select which of the three main GE COs you want to deploy. I'll be using Jess on this one.]

<CO Select>: Capture the enemy lab and seize the plans for their new weapon!


Jess: According to the map we recovered, the lab should be in this area.

Drake: So the freebooters are working on some sort of new tank?

Eagle: Perhaps.

Jess: From what we know, the contingent guarding the place is fairly small.

Eagle: So if we're going to attack, we should do it now.

Jess: I agree.

Drake: Hmmm...

Eagle: What is it?

Drake: You two can agree on something.

Eagle: We're both trying to come up with a plan to save Green Earth. It seems to me that sharing some of the same opinions is only natural.

Jess: That's right. Eagle's exactly right.

Drake: OK. Say no more.

Jess: There is one thing that concerns me, though. The enemy has a large force heading this way.

Eagle: When will they arrive?

Jess: According to our intel, in 10 days.

Drake: So we must capture the lab by then. It's going to be a hectic 9 days.


Eagle: I will get the enemy’s new tank.

Drake: I bet that new tank would improve my combat prowess.

Jess: With that new tank, I'm sure our casualties will drop.

Green Earth / Day 9

Eagle: Day 9 already? I’ll clean up things today!

Drake: Day 9... Gotta finish up today. Ahoy, mateys! Look alive!

Jess: The enemy battalion arrives tomorrow. I must complete this mission today.

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy lab:]

Eagle: Well? Did you find the plans for the new tank?

Drake: I heard that they'd just been found.

Jess: This brings us one step closer to matching the enemy's strength.

Drake: Uh-huh. I'm looking forward to trying out those new tanks.

Eagle: At last, a chance to demonstrate my specialty.

Jess: Excuse me? Eagle, you're just a glorified flyboy, right? Leave those new tanks to the ground-combat expert. That's me!

Eagle: Who's a glorified flyboy?! If we leave these new tanks in your hands, Red, they'll be wasted!

Jess: What did you say?! I dare you say that again, Eagle!

Drake: Stop it, you two! Whew... And it all comes back to an argument. I wish this were more than just an excuse for you two to fight.

[If you run out of time or get routed]

Drake: Eagle. Jess. Let’s try this again. If we correctly destroy that pipe, I think we can divide the enemy.

Jess: You’re right, Drake. But this Fog of War makes moving tough. We’ve gotta use our vision range and advance cautiously.

Eagle: Wrong. Wouldn’t it be faster to swoop in and rout the enemy completely? With my air units, it would be…

Jess: You never change, Eagle. Your tactics are too reckless to—

Eagle: And you’re too deliberate, Red. You sit, sit, sit, and nothing else!

Drake: By Neptune’s beard! Stop your caterwauling, you two. All you ever do is fight!