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Crash Landing
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Term(s) Wipe out all enemy units
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 IconLin.pngLin
Icon12thBattalion.png12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 IconPenny.pngPenny
IconIDS.pngIDS, Enemy
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Crash Landing(Days of Ruin) or Inside Pulsatrix(Dark Conflict) is the 24th mission in Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin. After completing the mission, Penny is unlocked as a playable commander in Free Battle and multiplayer modes.


Will resigns his position as commander, not wanting anyone else to die for his sake, and heads out to save Isabella, whom Cyrus informs was known as Lutaria. Cyrus also condemns his father's research and decides to aid Will and plans to hack The Great Owl's security systems. Shortly after, Lin and a group of soldiers willingly join him, and since he is no longer commander, he can't stop them. Cyrus succeeds, allowing the 12th Battalion to sneak aboard.

The captured Isabella meets her sister Tabitha, who cruelly dehumanizes her, bluntly saying that her existence was meaningless since she was a clone and one of many others. A shocked Isabella accepts this, weakly calling out for Will. Tabitha questions Penny about this, who then claims there is no one else onboard. She leaves Penny in charge of the Great Owl according to Caulder's orders. As the aircraft takes off, the 12th Battalion launches their surprise attack.



IconLin.png Lin
Land Air Sea
IconInfantryRed.png Infantry x0 IconMediumTankRed.png Medium Tank x2 IconTCopterRed.png Transport Helicopter x0 IconGunboatRed.png Gunboat x0
IconMechRed.png Mech x1 IconWarTankRed.png War Tank x2 IconBCopterRed.png Battle Helicopter x0 IconLanderRed.png Lander x0
IconBikeRed.png Bike x0 IconArtilleryRed.png Artillery x1 IconDusterRed.png Duster x0 IconCruiserRed.png Cruiser x0
IconReconRed.png Recon x1 IconAntiTankRed.png Anti-Tank x1 IconBomberRed.png Bomber x0 IconSubmarineRed.png Submarine x0
IconFlareRed.png Flare x0 IconRocketsRed.png Rockets x2 IconFighterRed.png Fighter x0 IconCarrierRed.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAirRed.png Anti-Air x2 IconMissilesRed.png Missiles x0 IconSeaplaneRed.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleshipRed.png Battleship x0
IconTankRed.png Tank x2 IconRigRed.png Rig x1   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit None

Total: 15


IconPenny.png Penny
Land Air Sea
IconInfantryBlackAlt.png Infantry x1 IconMediumTankBlack.png Medium Tank x1 IconTCopterBlack.png Transport Helicopter x0 IconGunboatBlack.png Gunboat x0
IconMechBlackAlt.png Mech x1 IconWarTankBlack.png War Tank x2 IconBCopterBlack.png Battle Helicopter x0 IconLanderBlack.png Lander x0
IconBikeBlackAlt.png Bike x1 IconArtilleryBlack.png Artillery x1 IconDusterBlack.png Duster x0 IconCruiserBlack.png Cruiser x0
IconReconBlack.png Recon x2 IconAntiTankBlack.png Anti-Tank x1 IconBomberBlack.png Bomber x0 IconSubmarineBlack.png Submarine x0
IconFlareBlack.png Flare x0 IconRocketsBlack.png Rockets x1 IconFighterBlack.png Fighter x0 IconCarrierBlack.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAirBlack.png Anti-Air x2 IconMissilesBlack.png Missiles x0 IconSeaplaneBlack.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleshipBlack.png Battleship x0
IconTankBlack.png Tank x1 IconRigBlack.png Rig x0   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit None

Total: 14


1st Wave

2nd Wave

Final Wave


Don't forget that you may always refer to the Tactics section the game gives you. This mission differs in the fact that you are now inside the Great Owl meaning that the terrain offers almost no advantages and is mostly open. For this battle, you will be relying more on the advantages units have over the other and positioning. Your first strike is critical to winning this battle as you should deliver the most damage possible, prioritizing the enemy's strongest. At the same time, try to get into a better position, namely don't bother attacking the tanks with your recons and instead pull them under the protection of your ranged units. You'll want to insure that most units survive with as much health as possible because once all enemies are destroyed, Penny will receive a few waves of reinforcements on the west and east sides of the map, mostly consisting of tanks and rockets. Ensure that most of your units are available and within range of the sides by the time the last enemy falls, and you'll be able to strike the reinforcements first.


Completing Crash Landing unlocks Trial Map #13, V for Victory!.


Campaign Map

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