Appearances Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Cheap Units
Affiliation Blue Moon
CO power Gold Rush
Super CO power Power of Money
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Olaf and Grit
Misses Black Hole


Basic information

Colin (Japanese: イワン, Ewan) along with Sasha's heirs to vast fortune is a rich CO from Blue Moon. He debuts in the Blue Moon's Campaign in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising.


He admires his fellow Blue Moon CO's, Olaf and Grit and dislikes Black Hole that already destroyed his home. When Colin first arrived in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, he called all of his superiors "Sir". Grit was not particularly fond of the title, but Olaf never made an issue of it. He is an uptight CO who always tries his best to correctly carry out orders and give respect where it is due. In Advance Wars: Dual Strike he often talks with a stutter.

CO ability summary

Colin's lack of experience causes his units to have 10% weaker attack power than the baseline. However, Colin is able to purchase his units at 80% of the regular price.

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

Storyline significance

He was a recruit to be a CO in the Blue Moon army. He's is always thinking there is something he is doing wrong but tries his best. His missions are "Reclamation" and "Two Weeks Test " and is optional in "Neotanks!?!" and "Factory Blues".

CO abilities

Colin's units are 20% cheaper, but are also 10 % weaker offensively, due to his lack of experience in the military field.

CO power

Gold Rush - Multiplies Colin's current War Funds by 1.5, meaning 30,000 Funds becomes 45,000 War Funds, for example. Also increases his Units' defence by 10%.

Super CO power

Power of Money - Uses wealth to increase the strength of weapons. For every 1000 War Funds Colin has, his units gain 3.33% more firepower. War Funds contributing to this power are not spent. Also increases Units' defence by 10%.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Storyline significance

He appears in just a few fights. His first appearance, "The Ocean Blue".

CO abilities

Colin's units are 20% cheaper, but their stats are 90/100.

CO power

Gold Rush - Multiplies Colin's current War Funds by 1.5, meaning 10,000 Funds becomes 15,000 War Funds, for example. It also slightly increases his units' attack.

Super CO power

Power of Money - Uses money to increase weapon strength. The more War Funds Colin has, the stronger his Units become. Every 1000 War Funds gives 3.33% more firepower to the base offence increase of 10%. Power of Money does not use up Colin's Funds.

Tag Breaks

Colin has Tag Breaks with the following COs:


The inverse counterpart to Kanbei, Colin has cheaper and weaker units. In Advance Wars 2, Colin is quite overpowered. He has access to expensive units that other COs would struggle to build. Having more money to work with in general is something that is exclusive to just a few COs, namely Hachi and Colin. For the somewhat ridiculous cost of just 2 stars, Gold Rush multiplies Colin's current funds by 1.5, a potentially disastrous amount if Colin has a decent amount of money. Due to cheaper units, Colin will often be the first person to get a Tank(or any vehicle for that matter) onto the field. The slightly lower firepower is a small price to pay for what Colin gets, the lower firepower is rather inconsequential for powerful units like Bombers and Rockets anyway. With how spammable Gold Rush is, Colin's army will frequently possess +10% defense with -10% offense. Power of Money can potentially be devastating, especially if Colin has already saved up a lot of money or has used a few Gold Rushes. Overall, Colin can either strategically save funds for Power of Money or he can just spam units, the latter of which he is known for. The lower firepower usually does not bother him much as he tends to get the higher-grade units earlier and easier. Colin will almost always have a higher unit count and an economic advantage over the opponent.

In Dual Strike, Colin is basically unchanged. He is still his overpowered Advance Wars 2 self, with his 2 star money multiplying power and 20% cheaper units. The reduced firepower is still not an issue; It is still in theory a 10% net boost, and the 20% discount seems to bring more benefits. Overall, Colin is still in an extremely powerful state and received no nerfs from Advance Wars 2.

Colin is not exempt from weaknesses, however. His inverse, Kanbei, can potentially give him lots of trouble with Kanbei's superior troops. Actually, Colin can struggle against any CO who has defense boosts, as higher enemy defense compounded with lower unit firepower makes it difficult for Colin to win engagements without significantly outnumbering the opponent. COs like Sensei and Hachi are able to contest Colin in unit count with use of their CO powers, so Colin may have less of a chance to outnumber them in particular.


Dual Strike


"I'll give it my all!"

"Let me do the buying!"



"Hey sis, check this out!"

Campain, Pre-Battle

Final Battle

"I'm... I'm not scared! I can do this!"

(with Sasha)

Sasha: "Don't push yourself too much, Colin. I need you to come home alive."

Colin: "I know, Sis. I want you to be safe, too. We'll go home together!"


(with Sasha)

Sasha: "Say something clever, Colin."
Colin: "Um...Don't mess with the best! Oh, that was lame."

Colin: "H-how was that, Sis?"

Sasha: "Meh. Good. Not great. I can do better."

Sasha: "Our sibling bond is unbreakable."

Colin: "Yep, that's why we're the best!"


  • In Super Famicom Wars, a general named Billy Gates was created before Colin.
  • In "Black Hole Rising", when Colin uses "Power of Money" and his money is high enough (for instance, after repeatedly using Gold Rush), it is possible for infantry units to inflict heavy damage or even wipe out a heavily armored unit like a tank or air unit and take little damage, BUT if the amount of money is too high a glitch will happen, it will make your unit deal no damage at all (due to variable overflow, the damage goes over 255% and reverts to 0%).
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