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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Campaign
Mission 2: Border Skirmish

Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty *
Term(s) Rout or HQ Capture
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Andy
Orange Star, Player
CO 2 Flak
Black Hole, Enemy

Cleanup is the first mission in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, as well as the first mission in the Orange Star Campaign.


This stage would just serve as a tutorial for beginners on how to use the infantry units and the APC, so there's no challenge finishing this mission with S rank.

In this mission you will find some Black Hole infantry units controlled by Flak, a Black Hole CO. Nell will tell you how to move units and end your turn.


Andy: Take out Black Hole's troops!


???: Hey! Why aren't the Orange Star lines broken?!?

BHSldier: They're... They're stronger than we had anticipated...

???: I don't want excuses! I want victory!

BHSldier: More trouble, sir! We have reports of a new Orange Star CO arriving...

???: .........

BHSldier: Lord Flak, if we continue, we're only going to take more casualties.

Flak: Nothing else to do. Use the troops we've got left. This Orange Star CO... What's he like?


Nell: Whew! OK, we've taken care of the majority of Black Hole's forces here. This Black Hole Army is proving to be quite dangerous.

OSSldier: Commander! We've located the remaining enemy units. We're preparing to launch pursuit.

Nell: Understood. I'll take it from here!

Andy: Nell! What's the matter?! Are you OK?

Nell: Oh, Andy! Sorry for the sudden call.

Andy: Where are the bad guys?

Nell: Settle down. I've wiped out most of the enemy.

Andy: Oh... I was hoping I'd get a chance to show off for you.

Nell: Don't be foolish, Andy! This is no training exercise! You might be a mechanical wizard, but you still need practice with soldiers. I don't think you're as combat ready as you'd like to believe. You can take over for me, but I'm going to give you instructions as you go, and I want you to listen!

Andy: Yes, ma'am! Let's get started!

Orange Star / Day 1

Nell: The orange units are under your command. Your enemies are those black units in the top-right corner of the map. Your goal is simple: reclaim our land. Do that by capturing the enemy HQ or by defeating all enemy units. Move out, and be careful not to let the enemy defeat your troops.

Andy: OK! I'm ready to go!

Nell: Rushing into battle only to get beaten wins us nothing. Let's review some basic troop deployment first. First, use this cursor to give orders. Move it with the + Control Pad. Here, try giving orders to a unit. Move the cursor onto a unit and press the A Button. That's an infantry unit. They have low firepower, but they're essential to combat. Now, do you remember what our goals are in this map?

Andy: You bet! Get rid of all the bad guys, or capture their HQ!

Nell: You did remember! Well done! Now, this is important: only foot soldiers can capture properties. Of course, infantry units are a type of foot soldier.

Andy: That's right! If I don't have any foot soldiers, I can't capture anything.

Nell: Right! Now, don't forget: you can only capture enemy and neutral properties. The Capture command appears when you move an infantry unit onto these. OK, let's move a unit. Did you notice how some of the spaces around that unit changed color? That's the unit's movement range. When you've finished moving a unit, the Command menu will appear. Select Wait if you have no further orders for that unit.

[You select the APC unit.]

Nell: That's an APC unit. APCs have no attack capabilities.

Andy: Oh, weak!

Nell: Weak in combat, perhaps, but they're incredibly useful. They can load and transport infantry units and supply your units.

Andy: Load, huh? I don't get it, but it sounds useful!

Nell: If you move infantry units onto APCs, the Load command appears. Then use the Drop command to unload those units. Transporting troops in APCs like this gets your infantry where they need to be in a hurry!

Andy: I get it... Infantry units can move 3 spaces, but APCs can move 6! I've gotta give that a try!

Nell: Be careful: units that have been dropped can only be ordered to Wait. Also, you can only drop units onto terrain they normally can traverse.

Andy: If I dropped infantry in the sea, they might drown, huh? OK. I won't forget. By the way, Nell, what's "Supply"?

Nell: Units lose both fuel and primary-weapon ammo as they fight. When they run out of primary-weapon ammo, your units use weaker attacks. When they run out of gas, your units can't move. APCs can supply fuel and rounds to units in adjacent spaces. APCs automatically supply any nearby units at the start of each turn. However, you can use the Supply command if you need supplies quickly.

Andy: OK, sooooo... APCs are used to help out other units. Got it!

Nell: All right, now take a close look at movement range. Do you see how the APC can't travel in the mountains? All units have a movement type, and this affects their movement costs. APCs move on treads, like tanks, so they can't cross mountains or rivers. To see intel on units, select them and press the R Button.

Andy: How do I check which units can move in specific types of terrain?

Nell: Place the cursor on the terrain, and press the R Button for intel!

[After deploying all of your units:]

Nell: When you've finished deploying all of your units, your turn's finished. Place the cursor in an empty space and press the A Button. On the Command menu, select End to complete your turn.

Black Hole / Day 1

Flak: That woman's tough... Can I win with these units? Hah! This is where the fun starts.

Orange Star / Day 2

Andy: Hey, Nell. We're fighting the Black Hole Army, right?

Nell: Yes. However, it isn't Sturm we're facing. It looks like another CO. I get the impression that whoever it is just wants to smash things.

Andy: Well, he's not getting away with anything while I'm around!

Nell: That's the spirit! I knew I could count on you! Now, let me give you some instructions on combat. The infantry under your command here are direct-combat units.

Andy: Direct combat is when I move next to an enemy unit and attack, right?

Nell: That's right! You're such a quick study! After you attack, the enemy will always counterattack if possible. Damaged units lose firepower, though... so even if the enemy fires back, it's to your advantage to attack first.

Andy: OK, so my attack reduces the enemy's HP and its attack strength. That means I take less damage! He who strikes first wins!

Nell: Damaged units will have an icon on them displaying their remaining HP. If their HP reaches 0, they'll vanish from the battle, so be careful! Move next to an opponent, and Fire will appear in the Command menu. Select Fire, confirm your target, and the combat will begin. Simple!

Andy: Sure is! I'm itching to get started!

Nell: You see the window on the left, right? That's called the Cursor Intel window. The heart icon shows HP. The fuel tank shows remaining gas. If the unit has a primary weapon, the number of rounds left is shown. As a CO, it's your duty to be aware of your units' conditions.

[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy HQ:]

Andy: The Orange Star Army is here! I order you to surrender!

Nell: You did it, Andy! This area has been liberated!

Andy: Hmmm... But it was kinda too easy...

Nell: Don't worry. I've a feeling that we're in for a whole slew of combat. Today, however, we celebrate your victory! Keep up the good work!