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Carrier Information
Rubinelle Lazurian/IDS
DoRCarrier.png DoRCarrierAlt.png
A naval unit that can carry 2
air units and produce seaplanes.
None AA Gun
Cost 28,000 Inftry Hyphen.png
Gas 99 Veh Hyphen.png
Material 4* Air ArrowBad.png
Mobility 5 Heli ArrowBad.png
Vision 4 Ship Hyphen.png
Range 1 Sub Hyphen.png
IconMovement.pngMovement Ship IconCombat.pngCombat Ship
Abilities Produce (15,000)
Notes *Material cannot be
resupplied by Rigs/
Ports/Temp Ports
 IconRedWarning.png IconSubmarine.png
 IconYellowWarning.png IconBomber.png
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The Carrier(Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict) or 空母(失われた光) is a supportive Naval Unit that functions like a mobile Airport that can only produce Seaplanes, at the cost of 15000 funds and 1 Material. Up to any two Air Units can load into it. At the start of each turn, these loaded units will be resupplied and repaired as if they were on an airport, and they independently launch from the carrier until the carrier makes its own action. This is a great expansion on the Cruiser's ability to carry, resupply, and drop helicopters. Carriers also have a weak direct-fire anti-aircraft weapon.

Carriers are initially introduced and become buildable in Greyfield Strikes.



Changes from Dual Strike

  • Cost (30000G -> 28000G)
  • Indirect attack -> Direct attack
  • A more proper mobile airbase, repairing and launching units and producing seaplanes


Carriers support well-rounded naval fleets with their seaplanes, as well as improving the longevity of regular air units, especially when airports are scarce and open water is abundant. Carriers provide air support in maps where there are no airports at all. Their direct-fire is insignificant and mainly serves to deter other carriers' seaplanes.

Seaplanes deal an impressive amount of damage for their cost to all types of units, but are fundamentally tied to carriers since they have so little fuel and ammo. In this way, seaplanes function as indirect-fire for carriers, limited by the carrier's supply of material and its ability to repair and resupply them. Maintain a consistent barrage by returning and relaunching multiple seaplanes and other air units.

Greyfield's CO Power is the only way carriers can produce more than four seaplanes in their lifetime.

Carriers are extremely high value targets, as they have a weak counterattack, and on top of their own hefty price, loaded air units are also destroyed. Protect them by screening them with other units and keeping them away from the front line. They are especially vulnerable to Submarines and Bombers, so always keep a cruiser nearby. On the other hand, they perform the same function whether at high or low HP, like a Rig.