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CO Colors are a feature in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, allowing the player to choose between four color options for each CO in the game. This feature can be accessed from the main menu under Design Room -> CO Colors.

List of Colors

Force CO Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Color 4
Icon12thBattalion.png Will WillColor1.png WillColor2.png WillColor3.png WillColor4.png
Icon12thBattalion.png Brenner BrennerColor1.png BrennerColor2.png BrennerColor3.png BrennerColor4.png
Icon12thBattalion.png Lin LinColor1.png LinColor2.png LinColor3.png LinColor4.png
Icon12thBattalion.png Isabella IsabellaColor1.png IsabellaColor2.png IsabellaColor3.png IsabellaColor4.png
IconLazurian.png Tasha TashaColor1.png TashaColor2.png TashaColor3.png TashaColor4.png
IconLazurian.png Gage GageColor1.png GageColor2.png GageColor3.png GageColor4.png
IconLazurian.png Forsythe ForsytheColor1.png ForsytheColor2.png ForsytheColor3.png ForsytheColor4.png
IconNRA.png Waylon WaylonColor1.png WaylonColor2.png WaylonColor3.png WaylonColor4.png
IconNRA.png Greyfield GreyfieldColor1.png GreyfieldColor2.png GreyfieldColor3.png GreyfieldColor4.png
IconIDS.png Penny PennyColor1.png PennyColor2.png PennyColor3.png PennyColor4.png
IconIDS.png Tabitha TabithaColor1.png TabithaColor2.png TabithaColor3.png TabithaColor4.png
IconIDS.png Caulder CaulderColor1.png CaulderColor2.png CaulderColor3.png CaulderColor4.png


  • While Davis and The Beast have files for four different colors, all of their colors are the same as their primary.