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A building is the general term for all properties in the Advance Wars series. There are many different kinds of buildings, most of which are crucial to victory. All buildings are a type of terrain that does not obstruct movement regardless of weather effects and provides high defensive cover. Each building in possession will also give the owner funds per turn that have been set prior to starting a match.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike properties (Top down: Neutral, Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth, Yellow Comet, Black Hole)

Most buildings repair and resupply some kind of unit. A number of them may also be used to build the kind of units they service. While resupplying is free, repairing does come at a cost. Buildings that do not service units have special functions, such as the Silo or Comm Tower.

Buildings can either be Allied, Neutral or owned by the Enemy. Owned properties appear in the color of their owner, while neutral properties are white. A property, once captured, cannot return to being neutral, unless the owner of that property has yielded, in which all of their properties return to a neutral state.

In Fog of War, all non-allied buildings appear as neutral unless in the vision of one of your units. In Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, non-allied buildings will also conceal ground or naval units from view unless either a friendly unit is next to it or a flare has been launched in the general area of a non-allied building. Knowing which properties the opponent could have captured is important to anticipate what kind and how many units you may encounter as well as roughly estimating how many funds they may have.


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Besides the Missile Silos, all non-allied buildings can be captured using a foot soldier. This includes the Infantry, Mech and Motorbike. For every point of health the capturing unit has, a point is taken off that building, requiring a total of 20 points to be captured. If the unit moves or is eliminated while the capture is not finished, the capturing is reset.

List of Buildings