Brenner transparent
Appearances Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
Specialty Defense
Affiliation 12th Battalion, Rubinelle (Formerly)
CO power Reinforce
CO Zone 3
Hits Helping Others
Misses Dishonor

Captain Brenner (Japanese: ブラウン Braun,O'Brian in the European version of the game) is a CO and the original leader of the 12th Battalion, "Brenner's Wolves." He's known throughout the land for his kindness in helping survivors of the meteor shower. He is also the one who rescues Will after he is attacked by bandits. Because of this, Will looks up to him. His motto was, "Where there's life, there's hope."

He frees the Lazurian prisoners after the Lazuria-NRA war. Eventually, Admiral Greyfield uses a weapon to completely annihilate the city he is hiding in.

CO abilities


+20% DEF to CO unit and any units within 3 spaces of it.

Normal CO power - Reinforce

Restores three HP to all units.


You'll want to max out Brenner's zone and invoke his COP as soon as you can. Your tanks and artillery low on
Brenner's Theme

Brenner's Theme

Hope Never Dies

HP will suddenly become a threat. Battle Copters aren't too shabby either as they can survive a hit from an anti-air with 110 attack or less. Fitting with Brenner's character, you'll be rewarded for keeping your crippled units alive. The more units you have the more you'll gain from his COP.
12th Battalion
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