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Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising Campaign
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Border Skirmish
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty * (Normal Campaign), *** (Hard Campaign)
Term(s) Rout or HQ capture
Weather Clear
Fog of War Yes (Hard Campaign), No (Normal Campaign)
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Sami
Orange Star, Player
CO 2 Flak
Black Hole, Enemy

Border Skirmish is the second mission (first in Hard Campaign) of the Orange Star Campaign.


Hard Campaign Differences

In the Hard Campaign version of the mission, Orange Star starts with no properties under their control.


Sami: Black Hole is closing in! Can I hold the bridge?

BHSldier: Lord Flak! Orange Star forces sighted on the opposite shore...
Flak: What?!? Is that all they got?! Hah! Send out the tanks! Tanks are powerful, and they move far. Tanks are the best! Orange Star COs? HAH! I will crush them! Crush them all!

OSSldier: Commander, enemy troops have been spotted on the far side of the river.
Sami: Are you sure?!? Here? In this rural area?
OSSldier: What are your orders, ma'am? Should we cease ops and attack?
Sami: That's affirmative, soldier. We can't allow the enemy a foothold this deep in Orange Star territory.
Nell: Good assessment, Sami! That's the tactical sense I expect from a special-forces commander!
Sami: Nell! What are you doing here?
Nell: Tracking down the CO who's invading Orange Star, of course! Sami, can I trust you to take care of this situation?
Sami: Yes, ma'am! But if you had some advice you could offer, I'd feel much more confident.
Nell: I'd be happy to, Sami! OK, troops! Let's move out!

BHSldier: Lord Flak, our infantry has reported finding Orange Star properties.
Flak: What? Enemy cities? Capturing bases is grunt work, but I was told we need cash to fund the invasion... Listen up! If it ain't nailed down, steal it! Now, cities, bases, or whatever, they all got Capture Numbers of 20. Any infantry with an HP of 10 can reduce the Capture Number by 10. So, that means you can secure a property in... uh... 2 days! If you move or get taken out while capturing, you gotta start over again! You got that? Well then, get moving! Black Hole needs cash!!!
Orange Star / Day 1

Nell: Sami, you already know the basics of troop deployment, so... Please look at the Cursor Intel window below. There are some stars below the HQ icon, right? Those illustrate the level of defensive cover offered by this terrain. The higher the defensive cover, the less damage you take in combat. So try choosing terrain that allows you to mitigate battle damage. If you need terrain intel, just press the R Button.
Sami: So that means it's better to engage those tanks from the woods rather than on the plains or roads, right?
Nell: You've got it! Go get 'em, Sami!
[You select the Mech unit.]
Nell: That's a mech unit. Mech units are stronger than infantry units. As foot solderis, they can capture, use transports, and cross mountains. And, as it says under CO on the Map menu, you're tops with infantry. Infantry under your command have superior firepower. This allows them to hold their own even against tanks units. Be careful not to let the enemy fire on you first, though.
[You select the Artillery unit.]
Nell: The unit you've selected is an artillery unit. It's an indirect- combat unit that can fire on enemies from a distance. Attacking from a distance means you have no fear of counterstrikes. However, indirect-combat units cannot fire on adjacent units. That means that indirect-combat units cannot counterattack.
Sami: OK! I'll try not to expose them to direct fire!
Nell: If you're able to do that, I'm sure they'll treat you right! One more thing, indirect-combat units cannot fire after moving. They can only attack from their current locations.
Sami: Understood! I'll use these units to lie in wait and ambush the foe.
Nell: Perfect! Now, do you remember how to check a unit's range of fire? Place the cursor on a unit and press the B Button. See the lights? Artillery units have a range of fire of 2-3 spaces. You can confirm this intel by selecting the unit and pressing the R Button.
[You move the Infantry unit into the nearby city and begin capturing.]
Nell: I'm always amazed at your ability to capture properties, Sami! That extra speed is a useful CO Power to have in combat.
Sami: Thanks! Being good at capturing and troop transport is fine... but I'm not very comfortable attacking with non-infantry units. I guess that's something I'll have to work on.
Nell: Yes, that is important. However, it's vital that you utilize your unique talents and develop your own fighting style, too.
Sami: My... My own fighting style? You're right! I'll do my best, ma'am!
Nell: That's the spirit! I'm counting on you! Let's get back to my explanation. I'd like to discuss that city you've started capturing. Unlike the enemy HQ, capturing this property won't win you the battle. However, all bases are vital to the success of any campaign. Can you tell me why?
Sami: Um... because they provide defensive cover as well as funds... right?
Nell: Absolutely right! Nicely done, Sami! Your army receives funding daily from all allied properties. If you have deployment properties, use your funds to ready new troops. As you have no deployment properties, your funds will only go toward repairing your units. Still, having lots of properties is never a bad thing, so capture as many as you can!
Black Hole / Day 1

Flak: Grrrr! Two women COs! Good country! I must have it!

Sami: Ouch! That unit's been hurt. I need someplace to rest it.
Nell: Don't panic, Sami. There's a way to help that unit out. Units that have taken damage can rest on any allied property. While they're resting, they recover 2 HP at the start of each turn. Plus, resting units also replenish all of their fuel and ammo!
Sami: Bases also have the advantage of high terrain cover! Spectacular!
Nell: You're right! However, enemies receive the same benefits from their bases. So, capturing properties is vital in any successful combat plan!
Sami: Understood! Capturing is something I excel at!
Orange Star / Day 2

Nell: It's our turn. Move any damaged units onto secure properties and rest them. Be sure to continue capturing any bases that are not yet secure. Now, maybe this is something you've been wondering about... There are some numbers diplayed next to your picture, right? Those numbers are your current funds. You have 6,000 G. Funds are used to deploy troops, but don't worry about that now. Depending on the unit's cost, some funds might be needed for repairs. That's it for my lessons today. Can I leave the rest up to you?
Sami: Yes, ma'am! I feel confident of victory!
[After you have defeated all the enemy units / captured the enemy HQ:]
Flak: Grrrr! Not bad... for a girl!
Sami: You're the Black Hole CO!? You're just a thug! Who do you think--
Flak: Yap, yap, yap! Shut your trap! I'm leaving for now... Next time, I'll put you in your place.
Sami: Hey!
Nell: He escaped... And he was so rude, too!
Sami: Oooh!! That makes me so angry! If I get the chance, I'm gonna run him down!
Nell: I'm glad we can depend on you, Sami.