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Bomber Information
Rubinelle Lazurian/IDS
DoRBomber.png DoRBomberAlt.png
A massively powerful plane that can
attack both ground and naval units.
Bomb None
Cost 20,000 Inftry ArrowGood.png
Gas 99 Veh ArrowGood.png
Ammo 6 Air Hyphen.png
Mobility 7 Heli Hyphen.png
Vision 3 Ship ArrowGood.png
Range 1 Sub ArrowGood.png
IconMovement.pngMovement Air IconCombat.pngCombat Air
 IconRedWarning.png IconCruiser.pngIconMissiles.png
 IconYellowWarning.png IconAntiAir.png
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Bombers(Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict) or 爆撃機(失われた光) are an Air Unit. They are very powerful and can inflict massive damage to Land and Naval Units, they cannot however attack other Air Units.

Bombers are initially introduced in A Kind of Home, and become buildable in The Beast.


Bombers are a highly powerful unit, capable of destroying most surface units in just one hit, and can even hold their own against direct anti-air units given that the Bombers have the first attack. Defensively however, anti-air units can knock a good chunk out of the Bomber's health or even destroy it completely at a significantly cheaper cost. Fighters are also a real problem for Bombers due to their very high movement range and ability to destroy a bomber in one hit at full health. Keep in mind that any unit that can take out the Bombers will always be cost-effective.

Bombers should always be paired with B-Copters or T-Copters to shield them from anti-air vehicles and Fighters.

Competitive Play

A Bomber in Advance Wars : Days Of Ruin

While Bombers are not without their practical use, it has too many disadvantages.

  • Saving up for them requires you to cede your unit count advantage.
  • They're overpriced, especially during the early to mid game, but may be viable late-game.
  • Fighters are more devastating to Bombers than Bombers are to land units.
  • Anti-Air units, for nearly 1/3 of the price of a Bomber, are a big threat to them.
  • Expensive tanks, beyond the occasional Md. Tank, are rarely used.
  • B-Copters counter vehicles just fine for less than 1/2 the price.

Bombers are a niche unit in competitive play, even with the minor price cut in Days of Ruin. Use Bombers only to destroy hardened defense lines, take over important chokepoints or pick off indirect units. The enemy might also be tempted to build a Fighter to counter troublesome Bombers, also setting them back economically. Offensively as strong as a War Tank but weak defensively against anti-airs, keep Bombers out of harm's way and they will do devastating damage against naval and armored units.