Black Hole is one of the five main forces of Wars World. It is featured in Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike as the main enemy in all three games.

Black Hole is an aggressive force that seeks to dominate Wars World. Its COs have evil intents and are highly destructive, not caring about how many units they lose, as long as they can achieve their goal.

In the first two games, Black Hole occupies some small islands in Cosmo Land and Macro Land respectively as their base of operation, before being driven out by the Allied Nations.

In the original Advance Wars, the head of the Black Hole army, Sturm, stirred infighting within the nations in Cosmo Land by cloning a CO of Orange Star to wage war on them, in order to deter their forces away from his invasion. In the end however, his scheme was discovered, foiled and Black Hole was defeated.

In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Sturm is assisted by other COs - Adder, Flak, Lash and Hawke - in invading Macro Land. Black Hole is armed with new technologies such as the large factories, Black Cannons and Minicannons. However, the Allied Nations managed to defeat Black Hole once again. Cornered, Sturm attempted to use a missile to take the Allied Nations down with him, but was killed by Hawke before he could detonate it.

In Dual Strike, Black Hole is lead by Von Bolt and his Bolt Guard, Jugger: Koal (Zak) and Kindle (Candy). Hawke and Lash from the previous games returned but they've deserted to the Allied Nations when they discovered Von Bolt only wishes to destroy the land to sustain his own life, not to conquer Wars World. Flak and Adder also made an appearance, though not in the campaign. They appear as playable characters for the war room, combat and survival.

At the end of Dual Strike, after the Allied Nations have destroyed Von Bolt's base, Jake will have the option whether to shoot Von Bolt or not. If Jake agreed, he will intentionally miss and hit the chair instead, letting him live to pay for his crimes. However, Von Bolt self-destructs the base, attempting to take everyone down with him. If Jake chose not to shoot, Hawke will step in and do so instead, disabling the chair's life support system. The base automatically collapses on its own. Regardless of the choice though, everyone but Hawke escaped, with him still staying as the base collapses, claiming he had "one last job", and bid farewell to Jake. The ending revealed that Von Bolt survived, though now in a vegetative state without his chair, as Hawke, survived though his current location unknown, had taken the power stored in it to restore Omega Land. Koal and Kindle, who also survived, retreated as Black Hole is officially disbanded.


Black Hole's Commanding Officers are:

  • Sturm: the original leader of Black Hole. He has high attack in the campaign, is unhindered by the terrain and could call in meteor strikes thanks to his CO power. He was killed by Hawke at the end of the second game.
  • Hawke: second-in-command of Black Hole during Sturm's reign. He has a slight buff in attack. He killed Sturm and determinately, Von Bolt.
  • Adder: a sly man, also was the third-in-command of Black Hole during Sturm's reign. Though his units have no direct advantage, his CO abilities give him more movement and charge much faster.
  • Lash: was the scientist, and also the fourth-in-command for the Black Hole army. Uses defense stars for attack and defense. She has a rivalry with Sonja, the Green Earth CO.
  • Flak: a dumb, incompetent brute. He does a random amount of damage to his opponents. He was the fifth-in-command during Sturm's reign.
  • Clone Andy: a clone of Andy, one of many, possessing his abilities. He was created to wage war on the Allied Nations. It is unknown what happened to him and the other clones after the first game.
  • Von Bolt: leader of Black Hole after Sturm's death. Deceptive, cunning and caring for nothing but his life, his units recieive a slight buff to their attack and defense, accompanied by his CO power which disables as well as damages enemy units.
  • The Bolt Guard (only appearing in Advance Wars: Dual Strike):


  • Black Hole seems to be influenced by Nazi Germany but with a sci-fi twist.
    • As a side note, though their vehicles appear to float, they are still affected by terrain (aside from Sturm's vehicles).
  • Black Hole has more COs then any other army, with nine in total.
  • Black Hole is the only nation you can't place in the map editor.
    • However, in Dual Strike, you can play as the Black Hole Army on certain maps (in VS mode), or if you play as a Black Hole CO in Black Hole Rising, even going so far as to being able to not be harmed by the Minicannons.
  • After Dual Strike, it is unknown what happened to Black Hole, seeing that most of their COs have either defected or resigned, as well as losing their leaders.
  • Black Hole has the smallest amount of land of all the countries in both Cosmo Land and Macro Land.


Black Hole
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