Unit BH Black Bomb

A Black Bomb for Black Hole

Black Bombs are a unit. They make their first and only appearance in Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Black Bombs are remote controlled aerial weapons developed by the Black Hole army and built at an airport. Black bombs deal up to five damage to every unit within a three space radius. Like missiles launched from silos, black bombs are incapable of destroying units, instead leaving them on a minimum of 1 HP.

Super Missiles are a unit. They are very similar to the Black Bomb and made their first and only appearance in Game Boy Wars, Game Boy Wars 2, and Game Boy Wars Turbo. Super Missiles are also remote controlled aerial weapons that can only be built on custom maps it seems. Super Missiles instantly destroy any unit within a three space radius, but have ridiculous cost.

Super Missiles in Game Boy Wars 1/2/Turbo

Super Missiles Information

Movement Power Movement Type Fuel Cost (G.) Special Commands
8 Air 94 77000
  • None
Primary Weapon Ammo Ammo Price Range
Nuke/Explode 1 N/A 1-3
Secondary Weapon Ammo Ammo Price Range
None N/A N/A N/A

Black Bombs in ADV3

Black Bomb Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
  • Explode
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
9 45 25,000 1


Fighting Black Bombs can be a difficult task, where possible it's best to shoot them down as soon as possible, as far away as possible. Missile Launchers are probably the best unit to use, given their likelihood to OHK them and their good range. Spreading out the troops much possible will reduce the amount of possible damage inflicted.

Using Black Bombs well can be also be difficult, as they have low fuel and a very high cost. It is more viable to go for a more permanent option (such as tanks and artillery) should potential users be low on funds. Black bombs are most effective when players possess airports close to the enemy, and has the enemy surrounded or at least concentrated in one place. A black bomb or two can instantly transform a difficult battle into a steamroll when used properly.

In sea battles, they do lots of damage to expensive ships. In air battles, they also damage expensive units (but watch out for enemy Fighters though). Try to use them when you know you can inflict at least 25,000G worth of damage with them.

Competitive Play

Black Bombs are not always useful, but when they are useful, they are very useful.

They're very good at dealing with large clusters of enemy units, such as a nest of Artillerys and Rockets or an army of Tanks. By damaging enemy units very badly in a specific area, you can advance your units to the area safely and start to capture those cities and gain control of that area.

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