Black hole Black boat

Black hole's Black boat.

Black Boats are a Naval Unit, developed by Black Hole to transport troops as well as supply and repair units.

Each Black Boat is able to repair 1 HP of a unit each turn, draining 10% of the unit cost from the player, regardless of the unit; naturally if the player does not have the funds, he is unable to repair. They are also much like APCs as they are both non-combat units, they both supply units and are able to transport Infantry and Mech units. As opposed to the APC, Black Boats can transport 2 units instead of one, but do not supply adjacent units at the start of each turn.

Black Boats have only appeared in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

Players first encounter them in mission 10 of the campaign, 'Black Boats Ahoy!', where they are used by Kindle. Upon capturing a specific city in this mission, a map is found which leads to the Lab where the Black Boat was developed. This allows the player to play mission 11, 'The Long March', where they must face Jugger and Koal. Capturing the Lab here allows every nation in the Allied Nations to construct Black Boats in every subsequent mission.


Black Boats are invaluable to any fleet. They allow Naval Units to venture much farther away from Ports or APCs without worrying about running out of fuel, ammunition, or HP. They do, however, run out of fuel rather easily themselves, so always try to have two or more Black Boats that can refuel each other. Because Black Boats also serve as transports for Infantry and Mechs, they also free up the more expensive Lander units to transport other units. As such, they are able to more directly support armies, swiftly capture coastal buildings, or perform fast surgical strikes. With so many important traits, enemy Black Boats should be targeted and destroyed whenever the opportunity arises. As well as having lost a unit, this may prompt the enemy to retreat his ships, especially when they are far from an allied Port or APC.

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Black Boat Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
  • Repair
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
7, Transport 60 (-1) 7500 1
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