Totsugeki!! Famicom Wars (Charge!! Famicom Wars) is the Japanese release of the Nintendo GameCube Real-Time Strategy title developed by Kuju Entertainment and published by Nintendo. It is known in the Western Hemisphere as Battalion Wars where it is presented independently from Advance Wars. While originally intended to be a separate franchise from Advance Wars, due to its similar "light-hearted" tone and graphic style, Nintendo initially planned to connect the series as a spin-off and even first revealed the game under the title "Advance Wars: Under Fire". However, because of its otherwise unrelated gameplay elements and storyline, the title was changed prior to its release and the "Advance Wars" branding was abandoned in the West. The Japanese release however, did retain the "Famicom Wars" brand, making the Japanese release as the only official connection between the two series.

The title has spawned a sequel on Wii known in Japan as Totsugeki!! Famicom Wars VS (Battalion Wars 2 in the West).

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