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|name = Andy's Time
|name = Andy's Time
|imageback = optionally set a background color for image, 6 digit hexadecimal colour code without leading # (Use E2DFE8)
|imageback = optionally set a background color for image, 6 digit hexadecimal colour code without leading # (Use E2DFE8)
|image = An image of the map
|image = [[File:Andy's Time.png]]
|mode = [[Campaign]]
|mode = [[Campaign]]
|difficulty = ?
|difficulty = ?
|condition = ?
|condition = ?
|weather = ?
|weather = Clear
|fow = ?
|fow = No
|co1 = ?
|co1 = [[Andy]]
|fac1 = ?
|fac1 = [[Orange Star]], Player
|co2 = ?
|co2 = [[Flak]]
|fac2 = ?
|fac2 = [[Black Hole]], Enemy

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Andy's Time
Andy's Time.png
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Difficulty ?
Term(s) ?
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Andy
Orange Star, Player
CO 2 Flak
Black Hole, Enemy

Andy's Time is the (?) mission of the Orange Star Campaign.


Andy: Enemy cannons! Can they be destroyed?


???: Flak! Flakalakalakalaaaaaak!!! The Black Cannon's ready to go!

Flak: Got it. Thanks, Lash. Now I'll smash 'em good!

Lash: Don't forget, you promised to be a guinea pig in my next experiment!

Flak: Hmmm... Yeah, I remember.

Lash: Well, I'm off! Toodles! Have fun! Oh, yeah! Almost forgot, Hawke said to hurry and conquer Orange Star!

Flak: Hawke said... Crush. I gotta crush 'em here. I have to... crush 'em all...


OSSldier: Pardon me, ma'am, Commander Andy's arrived.

Nell: Thank you. Send him in.

Andy: Hey, Nell! How're things looking?

Nell: That's what concerns me... Do you see that giant cannon?

Andy: Wow! It's huge! I've never seen anything like it!

Nell: A cannon that size is a first for me, too. The Black Hole Army seems to be much more of a threat than last time.

Max: You got that right! Nell, let me take care of this.

Nell: Max? What are you doing here?

Max: C'mon, Nell. This job's too much for Andy. You need someone with my strength to take out that cannon.

Andy: Hey! I can do this!

Max: Knock it off, Andy. War isn't a game. You'll just get hurt.

Nell: Max, I have faith in Andy. Even if he's not as powerful as you are, he can do things no one else can. I think this will be a good experience for him, so let's let him handle this.

Max: Hmph! Don't come cryin' to me if he gets hurt! Yo, Andy! You sure you're up for this?

Andy: You know it! Sit back and watch, Max!

Orange Star / Day 1

Andy: Hey! What's up with this? There are hardly any units deployed!

Nell: It's up to you to decide which units you need and where to deploy them.

Andy: Deploy them? You mean I have to form units as I go along?

Nell: That's exactly what I mean. See those 2 properties next to your HQ? Those are deployment properties called bases. You can deploy ground units from them. To deploy units, select a base and press the A Button. Now, there's a window at the top of the screen, right? The 6,000 you see here is the amount of funding you have. Funds increase depending on the number of properties you control. You receive 1,000 per property each day. You currently have your HQ, 2 bases, and 3 cities. That amounts to 6,000 in funds.

Andy: I get it! Funds increase on the day after I capture a new property!

Nell: That's exactly right, Andy. Then you use that money to deploy more troops. Select a base and press the A Button to select the type of unit you want to deploy. The number next to the unit is its deployment cost. Remember, units cannot move on the day that they are deployed. In this case... Yes, that should work. First, you need to increase your funds, so deploy some infantry or mech units and capture some neutral properties. Don't forget to use your APCs and T copters to transport to properties farther out, too. As for combat, you've got some room to maneuver, so I'd advise advancing with tanks and artillery. When you can afford, deploy some more powerful units, like Md tanks. Once you can capture neutral bases, you can deploy troops from them. Of course, the enemy can do the same, so don't dillydally! I'll contact you as soon as I have any intel on that giant cannon. This may be rough going, but do your best!

Andy: Here I go! Keep watching, Max! I'm gonna show you something!

Black Hole / Day 1

Flak: So? Is it ready?

Lash: Hmmm... The cannon? Nope, not yet. It's going to take the rest of the day just getting ready to fire.

Flak: Grrr... Is that so? Guess I'll go take charge of the battle then.

Lash: OK! Toodles! Tomorrow's the day! Tee hee!

Orange Star / Day 2

Nell: Andy! I've got some intel on that monstrosity! It's called a Black Cannon. It's supposed to have a huge range of fire. Use the B Button to check it out. That's just a prototype, though, so it can only fire once every 2 days. It's designed to fire on the strongest unit within range. I'll get back to you once I get some intel on its weak points.

Andy: Understood!

Orange Star / Day 3

Nell: Andy, I've discovered the enemy's weak point.

Andy: All right! Way to go, Nell!

Nell: When you attack the Black Cannon, aim here, for the door. Check the cursor window to see the unit's HP. If you can take out the Black Cannon, victory's yours! That thing surprised me at first, but it's nothing to fear now. Good luck, Andy!

Andy: No problem! I'll take care of it!

[After you create an Anti-air unit:]

Nell: Now you've deployed an A-air unit. They're strong not just against air units, but against infantry, too.

[After you create a Missile unit:]

Nell: OK, that's a missile unit. It's another indirect-combat unit. It can only attack air units, but it has devastating power!

[After you create a Rocket unit:]

Nell: What you've chosen to deploy now is a rocket unit. It's an indirect- combat unit with a firing range of 3-5 spaces. That's pretty impressive.

Andy: So it's like an artillery unit, only stronger.

Nell: That's a good way of thinking of it. Rockets run out of ammo quickly, so it's a good idea to deploy them on secure properties or near APCs.

[Once you go into the range of the Black Cannon:]

Lash: Yippee! It's ready to fire! Black Cannon... attack! Tee hee!

[After you have been hit by enemy fire:]

Nell: Contact at last. Andy, are you OK?

Andy: Yeah,... I think so.

Nell: Well don't overdo it, all right? By the way, a few of the gray stars in the window displaying your funds have changed color, right? That's your CO Power Meter. Power builds up slowly during combat. When the stars are flashing, your CO Power is ready for use. To see intel on CO Powers, select CO from the Map menu.

[After you have destroyed the Black Cannon:]

Andy: Wahoo! I won! I won!

Flak: Grrr! Now you've done it, runt!

Andy: I'm no runt! My name's Andy!

Flak: Name!? I didn't ask for your name! Argh! I can't lose any more units! I can't! Sound the retreat! Head back to base and regroup!

Andy: As long as I'm here, you'll never take Orange Star!

Max: Yo, Andy... You OK?

Andy: Max! How was I? Did you watch the whole thing?

Max: Yeah... I watched. That was a little close.

Andy: Hey! Those tanks back there... Are those your troops, Max?

Max: Hm? Oh, um... those are...

OSSldier: Commander Max! We received your orders and moved out at once!

Max: Well, no one ordered you to broadcast it to the entire world, soldier!

Andy: Hmmm...

Max: What?!? It's a training exercise! Gotta check those engines every now and then! Geez... C'mon, boys. Let's go home.

Andy: You know, Nell, I'm really glad to have Max on our side!

Nell: So am I, Andy. So am I.