Orange Star CO Andy
Appearances Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Advance Wars: Dual Strike.
Specialty Fixing
Affiliation Orange Star
CO power Hyper Repair
Super CO power Hyper Upgrade
Power Meter AdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-SmlAdWar-MedAdWar-MedAdWar-Med
Hits Mechanics
Misses Waking up too early
Advance Wars Theme
Dual Strike Theme
Andy (Japanese: リョウ Ryo) is an Orange Star CO. He appears in the first three games, as well as the protagonist of the first two games. In the Campaign of Advance Wars: Dual Strike, however, he is not seen at all. However, he is mentioned in Mission 2, Mission 3, and you fight his clone in Mission 26.

Advance Wars

Andy is first introduced at the start of the normal Campaign and is the first controllable CO. He first becomes playable in mission one against Olaf, who seems to attack for no reason. Shortly afterwards he meets Grit and Eagle. After defending the first country, Orange Star, Andy and his new partner, Max, move into Blue Moon to find out why they were attacked. They find no answers in Blue Moon, so they travel through Yellow Comet and are stopped by Kanbei. After beating Kanbei (and if you beat him quick enough Sonja) in some fairly difficult missions, they move into Green Earth, where they run into Eagle and Drake. Halfway through Green Earth it seems that there is more going on than meets the eye. These thoughts are confirmed when they move into Black Hole and run into Clone Andy and Sturm. During the final battle he ignores Sonja's warnings, determined to defeat the one that hurt her. By the end Andy and Eagle become friendly rivals instead of enemies.

CO abilities

Andy has no advantages or disadvantages. As Mister Average, Andy's units are the standard by which other COs' units are measured.

CO power

Hyper Repair - Restores 2 HP to all of his Units and increases their defense by 10% (And offense by 10% in Dual Strike).

Super CO power

Hyper Upgrade - Restores 5 HP to all of his Units, increases firepower by 20%, defense by 10%, and movement by 1 space. In Advance Wars: Dual Strike',' firepower increases by 30% instead.

Tag Breaks

Andy has Tag Breaks with the following COs:

  • Eagle, 115%, "Airlift" (2 stars): The extra movement is nice, and an extra 15% never hut anyone.
  • Max, 110%, "Power Wrench" (1 stars): Direct Attack focus. Focus on powering your way through enemy tricks and traps with Max's overpowering strength, and use Andy to keep your men alive long enough to dish out that damage.
  • Hawke, 105%, "Shaky Alliance" (1 stars): The ultimate in healing tags. Hawke, due to his longer power bar and superior strength should handle the day-to-day stuff, then Andy can jump out and do his stuff. A handy hint: as you get closer to the Tag Break, withdraw your units, as this power can only heal your units- not bring them back from the dead.
  • Nell, 105%: Power of Orange (hair, uniforms... whatever.)
  • Sami, 105%: Power of youth.
  • Von Bolt, 90%: Hnnnn... Von Bolt... hates children...


He has no day to day abilities, which means he has no weakness but also no strength. His regular CO Power, at 3 stars, is pricy for what you get, unless you have lots of expensive units that are damaged. His Super CO Power, however, is very strong and Andy is a viable CO for that reason alone.

Healing all units by 5HP makes most of your damaged units able to fight full health enemy units again. For this reason, the player should retreat their damage units and save them for later, when the Super CO Power can be activated. The opponent should try to destroy Andy's units outright (and not let them survive) if they want to avoid being ovewhelmed by this power.

The firepower boost, buffed even stronger in Advance Wars, on top of the +1 movement boost, gives him an advantage in almost any situation (for that turn). Andy is a great counter to damage CO's (such as Rachel, Olaf and Drake). However, a player using a damage CO will often wait until Andy has used his Super CO Power already before using theirs.


Dual Strike

Changing CO During Battle

"It's my turn now!"

"Time to roll up my sleeves!"


"I've got parts to spare!"

"I'm not giving up!"

"Time to roll up my sleeves!"

"I haven't even cranked the engine yet!"


(with Max)

Max: "I'll crush all enemies!"
Andy: "And I'll fix all allies!"

Andy: "Let's do it, Max!"
Max: "Yeah! We'll break their lines like toothpicks!"

Andy: "If it's a tag battle..."
Max: "We're the best!"

(with Hawke)

Andy: "We won! Wahoo!"

Hawke: "Impressive, I can see why you beat me last time.."

Hawke: "All too easy."

Andy: "You call that easy?"

Hawke: "Perhaps you should join Black Ho--no, Never mind."

Andy: "What? Come on, what? Now it's going to bug me."

Andy: "Hey, we're friends now! Come on, let's shake!"

Hawke: "Err...No. Trusting is hard."


Not having a Day-to-Day advantage or disadvantage means the Andy player is encouraged to be flexible in tactics and strategy. Unlike some CO powers, which are only useful in certain situations, Andy’s power is useful on almost any map. Andy's Super CO power is vastly superior, meaning his CO power should almost never be used.


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