Almost Home
Mission Info
Game Mode Campaign
Term(s) Wipe out all enemy units or capture HQ
Properties 9 Neutral Cities, 1 Neutral Factory, 1 Neutral Airport
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Will
12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 The Beast,
Raiders, Enemy

Almost Home is the tenth mission in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and the final battle against The Beast.


The 12th Battalion have entered the nuclear shelter to find it uninhabited. As they begin getting civilians inside, the Raiders launch an attack from behind and the Battalion mobilize to combat them. Outside the shelter, the civilians panic upon seeing the Raiders arrive.



The Beast


The Beast will behave very defensively unlike every previous battle you've had, and will try to destroy your air units before going after armored vehicles. You will not be able to save the easternmost infantry.

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