Airports are a kind of productive building and Terrain. Airports can produce most kind of Air Units as long as the player has enough War Funds (Or has met certain conditions during Campaign). Placing an Air Unit here will allow them to refuel, reload ammunition and repair them, again assuming the player has enough funds. Airports also offer defensive cover for Land Units and like all buildings do not inhibit movement for any unit.


The following Units can be produced at Airports:

Advance Wars/Super Famicom Wars

Unit Cost (G.)
Bomber 22000
Bomber (AWDoR) 20000
Fighter 20000
Attacker 26000 (SFW only)
Duster 13000 (AWDoR only)
Battle Helicopter 9000
Battle Helicopter (SFW) 8500
Transport Helicopter 5000
Transport Helicopter (SFW) 5500
Stealth Fighter 24000 (AWDS only)
Black Bomb 25000 (AWDS only)

Game Boy Wars 3

Unit Gold Materials
Fighter A 8500 86
Fighter B 6500 72
Attacker A 8500 84
Attacker B 6000 76
Bomber 15000 100
Transport Plane 5500 100
Supply Plane 6000 100
Battle Helicopter 5000 52
Anti-Submarine Helicopter 3800 60
Transport Helicopter 1900 25


The only Air Unit which cannot be produced at an Airport is the Seaplane.

The airport on the map resembles more like the deck and bridge of an aircraft carrier.

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