An Air Unit is any Unit which can travel through the Air. Air Units can travel across any type of Terrain without movement penalty, though they receive no defensive cover either.

The majority of Air Units are produced at Airports, the only exception being Seaplanes, which are produced on Carriers. Air units use some fuel every day to stay in flight and will crash without fuel.

There are two categories of air units: helicopters and planes. Planes fly at a higher altitude than helicopters, so units that can attack helicopters may not be able to attack planes (for example, Battle Copters cannot attack Fighters). However, units built specifically for anti-air purposes (Fighters, Anti-Air, and Missiles) will always be able to attack planes.


Type Cost Movement Range Ammo Fuel Vision
Transport Copter  5000 6 none none 99 (-2) 2
Battle Copter 9000 6 Direct 6 99 (-2) 3
Fighter 20000 9 Direct 9 99 (-5) 2
Bomber 22000 7 Direct 9 99 (-5) 2
Stealth Fighter 24000 6 Direct 6 60 (-5/8) 4
Black Bomb 25000 9 Special Special 45 (-5) 1
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