Advance Wars, known as Game Boy Wars Advance 1 in Japan, is a turn-based strategy game and the first game in the Advance Wars series released outside Japan.


The game takes part in Wars World and involves five main countries based on real world countries.

The story of the Advance Wars campaign begins with the nation of Orange Star in a war against the neighboring country of Blue Moon. As a tactical adviser for Orange Star, the player follows the war effort through all four countries over the course of the game. In the end, it is revealed that the enigmatic Black Hole Army, under the command of Sturm, is the true enemy. Using a CO doppelganger clone of Andy, Sturm stirred up war among the four countries in order to confuse, weaken, and eventually conquer them. Once this is revealed, the four countries unite to drive Black Hole out of their land. Along the way the player gains access to 3 COs; Andy, Max and Sami. In the final battle of the game where the player fights Sturm based on certain choices made and battles fought the allied COs can vary.

Field Training

The game begins with a small "Field Training" section. Under your role as adviser you go through several levels under the guidance of Nell, an Orange Star CO. While doing these missions you learn that Olaf of the Blue Moon army is invading Orange Star land. you are able to skip the training levels if you are able to finish the fog of war mission.

1. Troop Orders

2. Terrain Intel

3. Base Capture

4. Unit Repair


6. Tank Ops

7. Copter Tactics

8. Air Assault

9. Air Defense

10. Dogfights

11. Naval Forces

12. Climate Status

13. Fog of War

14. Special Intel


Orange Star and Blue Moon fighting.


After completing the Field Training, players are then allowed to do the main "Campaign" mode. At the start the Adviser is introduced to Andy, another Orange Star CO. In the following missions, the player must defeat Olaf, before fighting Grit and then Eagle of Green Earth. After the fight with Eagle, Max is introduced. The player is then given the choice of which character to go with: northeast with Andy, or east with Max.

1. It's War!

2. Gunfighter!

3. Air Ace!

Division - Max and Andy have separate paths

Andy's Path

4. Max Strikes!

5. Max's Folly?

6. Olaf's Navy!

*7. Olaf's Sea Strike

Max's Path

4. Max Strikes!

5. Sniper!

6. Blizzard Battle!

7. History Lesson!

Division Ends

8. Sami's Debut!

9. Kanbei Arrives!

10. Mighty Kanbei!

11. Kanbei's Error?

*12. Divide & Conquer!

*13. Sami Marches On!

*14. Sonja's Goal!

Division - Andy, Max and Sami have different levels but under the same name

15. Captain Drake!

16. Naval Clash!

17. Wings of Victory!

18. Battle Mystery!

Division Ends

19. Andy Times Two!


21.The Final Battle

*22. Rivals!

*Denotes a bonus mission. The player must do something special in the previous mission to unlock it.

Playable Characters

Orange Star

Blue Moon

Green Earth

Yellow Comet

Black Hole

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