A Hero's Farewell
Mission Info
Term(s) Wipe out all enemy units or capture HQ
Weather Clear
Fog of War No
Commanding Officers
CO 1 Brenner
12th Battalion, Player
CO 2 Forsythe
Lazurian Army, Enemy
Previous: Greyfield Strikes
Next: Icy Retreat

A Hero's Farewell(Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict) is the 14th mission in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. This mission introduces Meteor fragments and Plasma. After completing the mission, Forsythe is unlocked as a playable commander in Free Battle and multiplayer modes.


Lin notes that the 12th Battalion is approaching the main Lazurian base and Will quickly remembers that Forsythe was the hero of the Lazurian Siege after Lin mentions that he is leading them. Lin then tells Brenner that Greyfield is approaching with the main force of the New Rubinelle Army and that Brenner's Wolves are to carry out active surveillance on the Lazurian troops.

As the fighting begins, Will notices a meteor fragment, which Lin and Brenner then proceed to explain how they function. Before Forsythe takes his first turn, he and Caulder talk again with Caulder trying and failing to persuade the Lazurian general to use his special weapons. Forsythe explains that even though the Lazurian Siege was a long and bloody battle, it was fought with honor on both sides with no unlawful weapons used or prisoners of war killed, and he even treated the Rubinelle survivors with dignity after they surrendered.





This mission is a long drawn-out slugfest where you and Forsythe can use all three types of units in the game: Ground, Air, and Sea. Forsythe has a Rocket Launcher positioned behind a plasma wall that ends on two meteor fragments on either side. Forsythe will never attack the meteor fragments, which allows him to build up his forces.

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