APCs of each force from AW2.

APCs, short for Armored Personnel Carriers (known as Rigs in the American version of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and Mob Workshop in the European version), are a kind of Land Unit. Although they are generally noncombatant, they can transport Infantry and Mech units. In Famicom Wars, the predecessors to Advance Wars, APCs carry machine guns, whereas from the Advance Wars games onwards, they refuel any units in an adjacent space. In Days of Ruin, they can build Temporary Airports or Temporary Seaports which can give benefits to Air and Sea units that need backup recovery.


Famicom Wars

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Super Famicom Wars

APC Information
Primary Weapon Ammo Ammo Price Range Machine Gun? Special Commands
None N/A N/A N/A Yes
  • None
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision EXP Value
6, Treads 70 5000 1 1

Game Boy Wars 3

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Advance Wars

APC Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
  • Supply
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
6 70 5000 1

Advance Wars 2:Black Hole Rising

APC Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
  • Supply
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
6 70 5000 1

Advance Wars: Dual Strike

APC Information
Weapon One Ammo Range Weapon Two Special Commands
  • Supply
Move Fuel Cost (G.) Vision
6 70 5000 1

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Rig Information
Rubinelle Lazurian/IDS
DoRRig.png DoRRigAlt.png
Carries 1 infantry or mech unit. Can also
supply units and build temp airports/ports.
None None
Cost (G.) 5,000 Inftry Hyphen.png
Fuel 99 Veh Hyphen.png
Material 1* Air Hyphen.png
Mobility 6 Heli Hyphen.png
Vision 1 Ship Hyphen.png
Range N/A Sub Hyphen.png
IconMovement.pngMovement Tank IconCombat.pngCombat Veh
Abilities • Supply • Build
Notes *Material cannot be resupplied
by Rigs/Factories/Cities
 IconRedWarning.png IconWarTank.pngIconBomber.pngIconMediumTank.png
 IconYellowWarning.png IconRockets.pngIconTank.pngIconMech.pngIconSeaplane.pngIconArtillery.pngIconBCopter.png


An Armored Personnel Carrier in Advance Wars : Days Of Ruin

Although APCs are sometimes easy to overlook due to their lack of combat abilities, they are an important unit type that serves multiple purposes. Their ability to move foot soldiers quickly (and cheaply, in terms of fuel) can allow a player to capture properties much more quickly. They can use the same ability to bring emergency backup units to the front line and thus turn the tide of battle.

Its supply ability can keep naval and air units from sinking/crashing in the absence of a port or airport to refuel them at. Used properly, APCs allow a player to keep submarines and stealth fighters hidden and in operation indefinitely. The supply ability is also useful for resupplying ammunition and fuel for units on the front line, especially Indirect Units and other units with a small ammo capacity. APCs help them stay at the battlefield without a need to retreat to resupply, thus removing the risk of having to lower your combat strength and open a gap in your frontline.

In Days of Ruin, because APCs (now called Rigs) can build temporary ports for both air and sea units, they have become even more important on the battlefield. It is highly recommended to build these in areas close to where combat takes place just in case your Rig dies. Beware of enemies trying to capture these temporary ports for their own benefit.

APC's can also be used as decoys against computer-controlled opponents. In Advance Wars, AI's first priority was to destroy APC's, while in Advance Wars 2, a loaded Infantry was required to draw fire. In both cases, if used correctly, APCs can help your weaker, more important units to either retreat or capture a crucial base in times of need.


  • The APC is called the Constructor in the Japanese version of Days of Ruin.
  • Blue Moon and Rubinelle APC resembles the British FV432 Armored Personnel Carrier.
  • Green Earth APC loosely resembles the Sweden Bandvagn 206 all-terrain carrier.
  • The Orange Star vehicle is quite similar to the US M113 and the M901 ITV.
  • While not based on any known APCs, the Yellow Comet vehicle resembles the Komintern Heavy Artillery tractor of the Soviet Union.
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