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8-Bridge Isles
Level Info
Players 2
Category 2P
Pre-Deploy Yes
Properties IconHQ.pngx1, IconCityRed.pngx3, IconAirportRed.pngx1
IconCityBlue.pngx3, IconAirportBlue.pngx1
IconCity.pngx2, IconFactory.pngx2
Size Area
10*10 100

8-Bridge Isles is 2P Free-Battle map #8 in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.



Land Air Sea
IconInfantryRed.png Infantry x3 IconMediumTankRed.png Medium Tank x0 IconTCopterRed.png Transport Helicopter x0 IconGunboatRed.png Gunboat x0
IconMechRed.png Mech x0 IconWarTankRed.png War Tank x0 IconBCopterRed.png Battle Helicopter x1 IconLanderRed.png Lander x0
IconBikeRed.png Bike x0 IconArtilleryRed.png Artillery x0 IconDusterRed.png Duster x3 IconCruiserRed.png Cruiser x0
IconReconRed.png Recon x0 IconAntiTankRed.png Anti-Tank x0 IconBomberRed.png Bomber x0 IconSubmarineRed.png Submarine x0
IconFlareRed.png Flare x0 IconRocketsRed.png Rockets x0 IconFighterRed.png Fighter x2 IconCarrierRed.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAirRed.png Anti-Air x0 IconMissilesRed.png Missiles x0 IconSeaplaneRed.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleshipRed.png Battleship x0
IconTankRed.png Tank x0 IconRigRed.png Rig x0   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit None

Total: 9


Land Air Sea
IconInfantry.png Infantry x2 IconMediumTank.png Medium Tank x0 IconTCopter.png Transport Helicopter x0 IconGunboat.png Gunboat x0
IconMech.png Mech x0 IconWarTank.png War Tank x0 IconBCopter.png Battle Helicopter x2 IconLander.png Lander x0
IconBike.png Bike x0 IconArtillery.png Artillery x0 IconDuster.png Duster x2 IconCruiser.png Cruiser x0
IconRecon.png Recon x0 IconAntiTank.png Anti-Tank x0 IconBomber.png Bomber x0 IconSubmarine.png Submarine x0
IconFlare.png Flare x0 IconRockets.png Rockets x0 IconFighter.png Fighter x0 IconCarrier.png Carrier x0
IconAntiAir.png Anti-Air x1 IconMissiles.png Missiles x1 IconSeaplane.png Seaplane x0 IconBattleship.png Battleship x0
IconTank.png Tank x0 IconRig.png Rig x0   DoRIconMedal.png  CO Unit None

Total: 8


  • 8-Bridge Isles is the only non-Trial Map Free-Battle map to contain fewer HQs than players, aside from Barren Plains.
  • Despite the name, it contains 5 bridges.